Into The Fifth Month - xoxo Rebecca

Into The Fifth Month

Hello month five! That means we have hit the halfway mark now. Twenty weeks down and twenty more to go. So far I have only gained a total of four pounds and I seemed to put it on all this week. I have hard a really hard time gaining any weight during this pregnancy so the doctor was happy to see that I have managed to put on a little at least. I'm finally getting a bit of a baby bump going on.

Baby seems to be doing fine. Though I will not be able to feel the baby move just like I never did in my other pregnancies due to the size of my placenta. But that's ok. I'm used to not being able to feel any kicking or movement. Sometimes I don't like that because then there is no reassurance if the baby is ok or not. But since this is my third time going through this with the same thing, the worries aren't really there anymore.

We had our gender ultrasound this week as well. And of course, like every single one we've been through, my husband did not go with me. He has never gone to one before. That is because he wants to know the sex of the baby and I refuse to know. So if he goes, he will see, whatever he can to know. So if he stays home, there isn't anything to know or see or find out. So it works out.

So yes, I made sure I told the tech I didn't want to know but to at least have her write it down for me and seal it in an envelope. So the baby was moving around a bit. It was kicking it's legs on the screen and moving it's arms and head. It's fun to watch the baby move since I have no feeling of that at all. At least I get to see it happening.

Ultrasound photos are so freaky, aren't they? It's so exciting and fun to see your baby on screen. I don't know anyone who doesn't like going for an ultrasound. But don't they look like little aliens?

She said the baby's heart rate is at 151 which has been the highest it's been yet. It keeps going up every appointment. And it weighs 10 ounces now. So getting closer to one pound. Regardless of my weight gain issues, she said the baby is at the right weight for the number of weeks I am at. I'm glad to hear that. I didn't want it to be under or even somehow over weight.

So what are your guesses on what the baby is? I'm secretly hoping for another little girl. I love that I have one of each and I love my little guy so much. But since we had a girl first and then a boy, I'd like another girl. We shall see! I'm excited either way on what the baby will be. But of course, I'll be finding out when the baby gets closer to being here.