When Phones Become Rude - xoxo Rebecca

When Phones Become Rude

A few days ago, I decided to get out of the house and go take the kids to hang out with a friend. I thought the kids could play together and I could have some fun "girl-talk"time that wasn't over the internet. And I have to ask one question.....why are people so obsessed with their phones?

Seriously, we sat talking for about six hours while the kids played and all I felt like through the entire time the hours were going by was like this:

Yes, like I was just sitting there while my friend just couldn't pull away from her phone. I was trying to make conversation while fighting a battle with her phone. Every second the text ring would buzz and she just texted her friends non-stop while I was trying to have a real conversation. I was starting to wonder what was the point of the invite for me to come over if I wasn't even being acknowledged. 

I tried to just ignore it and keep smiling and bringing up topics to talk about. But nothing pulled her away from her phone. I finally asked her if she was texting her husband. She laughed and said no. It was just a friend she just felt like texting. I just don't get it.

It's just pretty much down right....

Wouldn't you agree? I mean, really... who does that? Who has to be that attached to their phone that they can't just hang out with a friend without interuption from texting non-stop about nothing important? Maybe it's just me..but I would never do that to someone who was over trying to hang out with me...unless of course there was an emergency and I needed to be texting non-stop.

I doubt anything I tried to talk about even registered in her head. Her hand and mind was wrapped all around her phone to even care I think. I found myself starting to just ignore it and turn to the kids and watch them play while I let her sit quietly texting a mile a minute. I could have sat at home and did nothing if that was the case.

I am sure I could have sat there and started having a conversation about how:

And I'm sure she still would have sat there and nodded her head and said, "uh huh"....so what about you? Have you ever experienced a rude friend who can't pull away from their phone to just hang out or talk for a little bit? I guess cause I'm not attached to my phone...half the time I don't even know where it is for days or don't even bother to have it turned on...I guess I don't understand the concept...

All I ask is that if we are hanging out, just hang out with me...not your phone.