Thought The Worst Had Happened - xoxo Rebecca

Thought The Worst Had Happened

This morning I thought something happened that no pregnant woman wants to go through. I was so scared, so nervous, so much in panic......
I went to the emergency room this morning because there was a pool on blood in the bed. I've never experienced bleeding in any of my other pregnancies before and to see so much blood just felt like a nightmare was occurring. I immediately thought the worst. I thought I was losing the baby.
Being fifteen and a half weeks now, the high risk of a miscarriage isn't very common in the second trimester. But it can happen. I had been in lots of pain the past two or three days due to tremendous amounts of stress. The husband and I had been fighting a lot and I just couldn't handle it. I don't deal with stress well and it started to show as it was affecting me painfully mentally and physically.
So this morning the husband saw the pool of blood and I immediately jumped out of bed and started to just go into panic mode. I really thought the worst was happening.
I told him I wanted to go to the hospital right away because I needed to know what was going on. He started to assure me that things were fine and it was probably nothing. I just kept thinking and saying how could it be nothing? It was freaking me out. I know they say sometimes a little blood is fine but when there is a significant amount, that could mean something bad is happening. And like I said, since this has never happened to me in my other pregnancies, I really didn't know what to do.
So he drove me to the hospital and we got there around 6:45am. I was the only one in sight which was good since there was no wait time. I don't ever go to regular hospitals. I only go to the women's hospitals for all my pregnancy related needs and deliveries. Regular hospitals freak me out and I could never give birth in one. I'm weird like that, but I won't.
So because it's a hospital only for pregnancy problems and to have a baby, it was nice to get into a room right away and start being seen right away. I have to say, all the doctors were super nice and so warm and friendly toward me...which hasn't always been the case in the past when I've gone for pregnancy related issues {but this was a different hospital than the one I had my other two children in}.
They started looking at me within thirty minutes of arriving and started giving me answers right away. Which was great. I'm so used to waiting hours and hours laying in a hospital bed for them to figure out what is going on.
They first decided to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. If it couldn't be found, then they would result to different measures to take to try and help me. It took a few minutes. My heart started to sink as all they could hear was my heartbeat. I really started to get upset but I didn't show it. I tried to stay calm and put together as much as I could until I heard the nurse say they couldn't find anything.
Then all of a sudden, a faint, fast paced thumping came up. She said, there's the baby's heart beating. I felt such a relief. I said does it sound normal? Is everything ok? She said it sounds like a great paced heart beat. I felt so much better hearing that.
Then other doctors came and and did an exam to see where the bleeding was coming from and if they could see if my cervix somehow was opening or what was going on. Then they brought in an ultrasound machine and wanted to see better if my placenta how somehow separated, if the baby looked distressed...anything...
After it was all done, they told me that everything looked like it was going good. Nothing wrong with my cervix, placenta, baby looked healthy and had lots of movement {I don't ever feel the baby move in any of pregnancies until the end, so it was nice to hear the baby was moving since I never get to feel it}.
So they told me that my doctor was in the hospital this morning delivering babies and he would come in and see me. So he walked in and sat down to reassure me that there looks like nothing is wrong. There is no miscarriage happening, there is nothing separating, there isn't a concern for anything right now. He did give me strict instructions to be on bed rest for the next four weeks and not do anything sexually to cause further bleeding or stressing myself out. 
So the good news is, there isn't anything to worry about. I thought the worst and yet, somehow it all turned out ok. It was a stressful morning and I'm glad now I don't have to worry about things being wrong. I'm still having pain and I'm still bleeding a bit, but they said it should subside soon. If not, to of course, come back in. But for now...I'm not stressing out about things and staying calm. This little girl or boy is healthy and I'm happy to hear that everything is going to be ok.