Fresh New Facelift - xoxo Rebecca

Fresh New Facelift

So my blog was getting a bit frustrating for me. As I was getting really mad at the issues and errors that were coming from it. And so I decided I needed a new start. Something fresh and different. 

So I contacted my good friend Rekita because she does some great work for blogs and designs. And she hooked me up. After all the crap I put her through LOL, I think we got something new and fresh to work with. So what do you think of the new layout and design?

I like it and I appreciate all the hassle I put her through trying to come up with ideas and such and changes and colors and all that in-between. And the best part is, she is the most friendliest when it comes to this sort of stuff. She put up with it all and still had a smile on her face.

The idea was to do something sweet, fun and girly. Not only is Rekita a sweetheart to work with, her prices are really really great and affordable. Check out her blog design studio by clicking the button below. See all the other amazing people she has helped out and designed for as well.

And I am writing this because I believe in her and love the work she has done to want to share with you all. Like I said, she's a wonderful person and designer, but she was my friend first, which makes it even more special to me to be sharing her work with you guys.

So check out her stuff and if you are looking for a great new blog design at a really great price, I really suggest contacting her. She's amazing and a talented lady! That's why Iher. If you want to check out her personal blog, just click below. She has a really great blog {which is one of my personal favs}.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out both her sites right now? Oh and by the do you like the new design? And I love the fact I can finally reply back to comments now on the blog. Before, the coding was all messed up and it didn't allow me to so I'm so excited to be able to finally do that again!

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