Aloha! It's Been A While - xoxo Rebecca

Aloha! It's Been A While

Greetings!!! Did you miss me? I know it's been a while. The reason is we have moved!!!! Yes, it took a long 25 hours to drive halfway across the country with three adults, two children, one kitty, and huge moving truck and two cars. But we did it! It was a long trip. We had to stop so frequently because of lots of potty breaks, poopy diapers, kitty walking around, and food and gas breaks. But we managed.

I didn't want to stay away so long but it's been rough getting things in order. Our first day here we really missed Florida. We went from 90 degree weather to snow flurries. That was really crazy. The cold just killed us. I am going to have to get used to living up in the mid-west again and no more sunny beaches and sand time.

It's actually a bit warmer today. So that's nice. More like Florida weather without all the crazy humidity. We are currently living back in my parents house for the time being and have been searching today for our own place. We found one we like and I hope we can get it. It's been a bit stressful with all of us under one roof. My parents are pretty stressed out/high strung people and so there has been some tension. We are more laid back and so lots of nagging and stuff has been going on. But we have been trying to make it work. It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm already very irritated. I really wish we could just move into our own place right now. The place we found isn't available til August and I don't know how much longer anyone can hold their sanity. Something will work out though.

My parents decorated my brother's old bedroom and bathroom into a room for my daughter. They put some of my old paintings and my old 'Nsync dolls and things in there on the walls. But it's all now Monster High {which is her favorite}. I think my mom did a good job. Here is the bedroom:

We are still moving things around and unpacking so some stuff is out of order, but you see how it's supposed to be. And here is the bathroom:

So I am trying hard to get back into blogging. Time seems to run short and so does my patience lately. We will see though. Hopefully I can make it without going crazy. I have some things we have been working on I'm excited to share with you all. Until next time.... aloha!

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