On The Move - xoxo Rebecca

On The Move

So, I haven't been able to sit down and blog as much as I have wanted to lately. A lot of you know, we are getting ready to move. And not just our usual typical move that we seem to do every year. This time, we are leaving the state and moving halfway across the country. So this is crunch time and it's been pretty hectic around here. 

The moving truck comes Saturday and so we are trying to get everything in order. My dad is flying down to help us. So that will be really nice. It will probably get really stressful to say the least. But this is the reason why I haven't been very social lately. I haven't had any time to. Once we are done and settled up north, then I can start blogging again.

I have been really missing blogging a lot. Every time I try to, I just am not able to. There's too much packing, too much running errands.... too much of everything and no time. I'm actually starting to stress out a bit because I feel the crunch kicking in.

So just bear with me for a little bit. The blog hop will still go on and post. I have two of the most amazing hosts helping with that. Thank you Chrissy and Tiffany. I'm glad you understand my absent mind LOL I've been having that a lot lately.

I'm really going to miss Florida. Orlando has been my home for so many years now. It was the first city I moved to where I was totally independent. It was the first city I got engaged and married in. It was the first city I had both my children in. It was the first city I got my first real career job in. Not to mention, it is home to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, beaches every side of the state, and so much more. There was always something fun to do with the kids. And it always has great weather. And I met a couple of really amazing people here who are now going to be my life-long friends.

There's a few things I won't be missing about Orlando. I've had some bad times here too. Hopefully, I can leave those memories behind.

But after living here for eight years, it's time for a new chapter in our lives. It will be a huge change from what we are used to. I'm getting really nervous now and sad. Though I was really excited before. But it's because it's just such a big change but things will be ok. We are going to be closer to my family and I'm really happy about that. We should adjust well. Just a lot to do and get done before the final moments.

By the way, do you like the changes I have made to the blog? I'm trying something new and seeing if I can get used to it. I just thought changing it up will be good. I get bored easily with designs and like to keep playing around with new things. I still have to finish getting the stuff back set-up on here...but for the most part, I'm liking the look.

So anyway, I will try to pop in and do some blogging but it's just been really hard. Once we are up there, I plan on doing a lot of crafts and fun tutorials and putting them all on here for you guys. I'm really excited about that!

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