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Edible Glitter/Colored Sugar

I have been seeing on Pinterest a lot about edible glitter lately and so I decided to give it a try. I really never found a complete step-by-step tutorial so I had to do one myself. It was easy to do. I must say it didn’t turn out completely “sparkly” like I originally thought. But after doing some Google searches, I found that everyone else’s turned out like mine. So I’m happy I didn’t mess it up completely. It’s more of colored sugar than glitter. My daughter helped me a lot with this one. I think this would look super cute with margaritas and daiquiris around the rim of the glass.

Here is what you need to get started:

IMG_7080 IMG_7083

Measure out 1/3 cup of sugar and dump it into a bowl or container. Add fifteen drops of food coloring into the sugar

IMG_7085 IMG_7087

Stir the food coloring and sugar together really well. The food coloring clumps so you have to make sure you mix it thoroughly. I found smashing it while stirring helped a lot to make the sugar fully covered.

IMG_7089 IMG_7097

Next, spread the sugar out onto the cookie sheet. Once you have completed all the colors you want to mix, you can arrange them on the sheet like I did so that it’s still spread out but they are not touching.

IMG_7086 IMG_7099IMG_7098

Place the cookie sheet in the oven at 350 degrees for ten minutes.

IMG_7100 IMG_7101

Once the timer goes off, take the cookie sheet out and use a spoon to scrap off the sugar. The sugar is hard and it will break off in chunks. Place the chunks of sugar into a container.

IMG_7102 IMG_7105

Using the spoon, mash up the clumps of sugar until it is fine and grainy like sugar granules again. The pour the sugar into a container you want to use as storage. I chose a cupcake baking cup {just for aesthetics}.


Do that for each color you would like to use. I used the four colors that came in the box to start with.


Now, sprinkle on the sugar {glitter} onto cookies and decorate as you please. My daughter took this part over and started going a bit overboard. But she had lots of fun. And it was delicious as well!

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