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Tuesday Topics: Eight TV Shows

The Austin Family Diary
Looks like this week is all about number eight. Eight tv shows I love. And of course, some of these are going to be ones that don't air anymore but they are still my fav to watch over and over again on DVD.

number one
My all time favorite show. Popular. It aired back when I was in high school in 1999. Hands down, nothing can take away my love for this show. I was so sad when they ended it after only two seasons. 

number two
My next choice would be The Hills. I can't tell you how many times I've been through all six seasons of this show. I love Lauren, Heidi, Audrina and the rest of the gang. I live my Hollywood make-believe life through them LOL

number three
So many of my close friends know I've grown to become obsessed with The Tudors. This show I must have watched each season about 100 times now. If Henry the VIII really looked that good when he was alive, I'd be boning him too LOL however, I'd try to keep my head unlike a few of his wives.

number four
As stupid as this show is, I can't help but always have a secret love for South Park. What can I say? I love this stupid humored cartoon. It makes me laugh and entertains me.

number five
I am in love with Zak Bagans. I love paranormal shows and my favorite one is Ghost Adventures. I never ever miss an episode. I watch it all the time always recording old episodes. Just love it.

number six
Although I am not as much into the second season as I was the first, I still love Once Upon A Time. The first season had me so hooked, it drove me crazy each week with their cliff-hangers. Such a refreshing, creative story line they brought to the screen.

number seven
I love eating out at restaurants  Something so fun about dining out. But after watching Kitchen Nightmares, it's so hard to have a normal evening out again. I love this show. It baffles me how some people really run their business the way they do. This show is addicting to me.

number eight
Last, but not least, there is Bridezillas. I love this show. The drama, the yelling, the screaming...it's highly entertaining. These girls make a fool of themselves. Such a shame.

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