My Toys R Us Strategy - xoxo Rebecca

My Toys R Us Strategy

Ok, I have to admit, sadly I believe my favorite store is Toys R Us... yea, that really brings out the mommy in me, doesn't it? Shouldn't my favorite store be Macy's or something?'s always been Toys R Us...even though I'm not a kid, I can still act like on there LOL just kidding. I behave, I swear *wink wink*

So now that we have a new baby in the house and I'm having the breastfeeding issues that I am dealing with, Toys R Us is the only store right now to carry the formula we use. So I make many trips there. However, I get there and then seem to spend hours just walking around looking at everything. I really do love this store.
So I went on my little adventure yesterday and I wanted to see if I could pull off that "coupon extreme" stuff they show on tv. And so the adventure begins......

Now, it's not like you see on tv. I didn't bring home bags filled with items, but I grabbed a few things {2 bags to be exact} and only spent $0.10
Yup, just one dime. I was like hell yea!

I'm sure all you experienced couponers out there will laugh, but this is a huge deal to me. I was overly excited. But I made an attempt and so here is my receipt {I love that Toys R Us now emails you a receipt as well as a paper one}. Since I can't find the original, I just am using the digital one they sent.

Here is what I purchased:

- Two 72-count tubs of baby wipes
- Multi-use waterproof mattress pads for pack-n-play
- BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner
- BabyGanics Fabric & Nursery Freshener

If I purchased this without any coupons or deals, the retail value would have been $22.64 and all I paid was $0.10 I don't believe that is too shabby. Here is the receipt so that I can brag to myself just how awesome I did!

So I know it's not much, but's a start and over $20 worth of stuff that I bought and saved my cash as well. How awesome it made me feel. Now, I was so excited I had a dime in my wallet cause that would have sucked having to pay ten cents on my debit card LOL. Anyone else make out with a great shopping day within the past few weeks? I'm beginning to like this "couponing" thing.

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