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Wordless Wednesday-Not So Wordless

I'm getting this in late but it's still Wednesday but whatever.... here is how my Wednesday went down:

Yes, I was so sick today and boy can't you tell from this photo? Blah!!! Not sick with the flu though, sick with a double migraine on each side of my head and face. I hate those. I couldn't make it to work today. I tried. I got all ready with my shoes on and almost fell down from dizziness. There was no way I was going to make the 50 minute drive to work in one piece. So I stayed home to rest up but then the baby woke so I tried to get him back to bed...hence, the photo of me rocking him.

I look horribly tired. Can't you see the dark circles under my eyes? And no makeup either ahhhh what was I thinking taking a photo. It's not the worst I've seen of myself so I can't complain that bad. It's pretty decent for feeling like utter crap.

Migraines suck booty...major booty. I get them more then anyone else I know. They always come from exhaustion for me or when I've cried just way too much. In this case, it was from being tired.

This really isn't wordless now is it? HAHAHA oh well...

Since I had to go and get the daughter from school today, I saw the library notified me that there was an extra copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey available on audio book. So we had to go get her a library book anyway so i picked this up and eager to listen to it. Though I have heard mixed reviews from friends about it, I'm still curious. Will give me something to listen to at work tomorrow.

I heard they are in production with a movie of this as well. So I shall finally see what all the talk and obsession was about. I'm late on the craze but but late then never right?

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So Call Me Maybe?

So it's true. I finally got a cell phone again after not having one more six months. I have to admit, not having one was pretty nice. I actually enjoyed not having to forget it or forget to charge it. Not being attached to it. The only time I missed it was when I was driving to and from work. Since I drive about 100 miles a day back and forth, I was just worried if I got a flat tire on the interstate or in an accident...I wouldn't be able to call for help. But besides those two things, it was nice not having one.

And now I got one again. I'm so used to having an iPhone. It's the only phone I've pretty much had for a long time and was so comfortable with it. But when we ended out service, my iPhone was basically an iPod and I could still use it only if wifi was available. But I loved my iPhone. It was simple, easy and just awesome to me.

But I've decided to try out another phone. This time I went with an Android. I really like the phone so far. It's bigger then my iPhone was. But having an android is so foreign to me. I get a bit frustrated with it at times because I'm so used to the iPhone that I feel I can't figure out simple things. I'm getting better and better with it though. It's definitely a big change. 
So this is the phone I got. The HTC EVO. I runs apps very well and I haven't had a dropped call yet. But it's just so weird trying to do things on it sometimes. I have to google so many things cause I'm clueless.

So yes, I'm back up to technology speed having a cell phone again. Have any of you gone through this? Going from the iPhone to android or vice versa with the same simple frustrations? I think in my heart, I will always be in love with my iPhone. But the HTC isn't bad either. I must say it's a pretty cool phone. It does have one really cool feature the iPhone does not and that is it can take 3D photographs  I think that's pretty cool. I've played around with it and it's something new I didn't know phones featured. But just for kicks, it's fun to show people.

So I'm starting over with a new phone and new phone number. Change is good. Just have to get used to it :)

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Obesity and Diabetes as a Family {guest post}

Hi everyone. I have another wonderful guest post for you. Carolyn from Full-On Fit has stopped by to talk about obesity and diabetes  I hope you all take the time to read through this article and understand just how important eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is.

Overcoming Obesity and Diabetes as a Family

Sadly, it is not uncommon for most people to know of an older relative or family friend who has Type 2 Diabetes. I actually know of a few older adults myself who have this condition and are using medication to feel better each day. What I didn't expect , however, was for my young teenage cousin to be diagnosed with it. She’s 13, and in my mind, that is waaaay too young for someone to have Type 2. She had gone to the doctor months ago and was put through a series of tests only to find out that she does indeed have it.

After talking to her doctors and conducting some of my own research I realized that it is an epidemic that is unfortunately increasingly common among children. As if having the disease isn't bad enough, information from St. Joseph’s Hospital Cardiac Center explains how if left untreated, Diabetes can cause problems later in life such as blindness, heart disease, and even amputation. After learning this, I knew I needed to work together with my family to make sure all of my cousins were on the right track to healthy living.

Becoming More Active
Most of my cousins are quite sedentary in their day-to-day lives. They go to school in the morning, come home and literally park themselves in front of the television or computer screen for a good part of the night. This is the first change I wanted to make with my extended family. I wanted to incorporate fun exercises we could
all do without making it seem like work.

Get the neighborhood involved
One way to do this was to get the whole neighborhood involved. You cannot even imagine how fun it is for us all to play soccer and kickball with the neighbors, or to get together during the summer for swimming laps in the community pool.

Increase family bonding time
Instead of just seeing each other quickly in the mornings before school and work, and at night at dinner and bedtime, use exercise as a way to spend more time and bond together as a family. Help each other prepare dinner and clean up after, go for a walk each night after dinner is over, pack a picnic and take a nature hike at the local park or nearby woods.

Videos and video games for health
Break out (or look online) some fitness videos and spend time together trying different ones. My cousins love to practice Yoga and Pilates with me, and we try to do this together at least once a week. Zumba is great for kids because it uses music and dance moves. In addition, using the kids’ video games can be helpful if you have games like Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution – having funny dance competitions is  a great way to get everyone involved! 

Eating Healthier
Since obesity is directly related to a bad diet, it was also obvious that changes to our diets needed to be made. The easy start was to begin swapping unhealthy foods for healthier ones. This included using sweet potatoes instead of white ones, wheat pasta as opposed to the normal kind and sugary cereals swapped out for the healthier and whole grain varieties. Most of my cousins could not even tell that they were eating healthier and more wholesome foods.

Here are some recipes we found online and have been using frequently in meal planning:
- muesli for breakfast
- fruit salad with vanilla yogurt for a snack or dessert!
- black beans and rice for lunch
- gumbo style chicken creole for dinner

There are so many great recipes online to help, which is especially nice in the beginning of changing your eating habits. After a while you will be able to see which ingredients are repeatedly used in diabetic-type recipes, and you will be able to make up your own recipes as you go as well!

Carolyn is a 20-something year old with a passion for life, fitness and overall well-being. She is an avid cycler, golfer and has been known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor. Check out Carolyn’s blog at http://fullonfit.blogspot.com/

Design Seeds

I may be really behind here but I absolutely love this site. Who else has heard of Design Seeds? It's so inspiring. If you love colors and pallets, you'll really adore this site. I could seriously scrolls through this site all day and become obsessed with it. Here are some color pallets I found that caught my eye....

Aren't these just stunning? I'm in love now with this site. If you have heard of it, you know how awesome it is. If you haven't, go check it out! You won't be disappointed, but inspired. 

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sponsor highlight: chandra {a stylish little lady}

Happy Sunday everyone in the blogosphere. I hope today is going well and dandy for you all. Sponsor Sunday is up and today I have a beautiful and amazing blogger named Chandra. She is my featured sponsor for this month and I love her blog. It's classic, simple, stylish look she has going on is wonderful. So I'm pleased to introduce you to Chandra and her blog.
I received a few emails inquiring about our wedding tablescape design and ways to keep cost down while creating a unique display.    I'm no expert, but will gladly share! 

1.  Go with small collections/clusters instead of using large floral arrangements on your tables.  We collected vintage bottles from thrift stores and flea markets and added simple floral to create this look.  Also, everything does not have to be placed on the same level.  We stained wood planks and added candles and bottles on top to create a little more interest and height.  Check out THIS POST for ways to save on your flowers.

2.  Add texture.  We opted for burlap runners placed on white table linens.  We also included textured potted green plants and succulents on the tables along with different types of greenery and berries in the arrangements.  Wood slices (we recycled from a fallen tree) were also included along with lots of moss.

3.  Candles.  This is an inexpensive option for creating a soft light and looks amazing when photographed.

4.  Add personal touches.  Photos were a huge hit with our guests.  We made framed luminaries (click HERE for tutorial) and placed pictures in mason jars (illuminated with LED lights).  We also spray painted silver trays and old picture frames with chalkboard paint and placed them on easels.  These made great wedding signs and a menu.   Get creative and DIY .  Some of the best weddings I've ever attended were those where the bride and groom added bits and pieces of themselves to create a wedding that was truly their own.

5. Finally,  keep it interesting.  Every table does not have to match.  Just incorporate different textures, colors, and layers.  There are no rules to follow, just do what you like!  Mix 'n match things and just have fun!  And for more wedding pictures and news (just in case you missed it) click HERE, HERE, and HERE.


These are awesome photos and great advice. Everyone loves to have a beautiful  stylish wedding or any event while saving a few pennies here and there. Such great advice and it made for a beautiful event. And those wedding photos are so lovely. Your dress was amazing!!! Thank you so much Chandra for sharing this and for being a sponsor on my little blog!

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Stephanie's Winter Wedding Wonderland {wedding week}

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie. I'm a professional wedding planner from upstate New York. Given that its currently subzero temps here, I figured I’d show you a peek into the frigid life of New York weddings (what better way than by sharing my story?). Let’s start at the beginning – I’m pretty indecisive so my fiancé and I spent a lot of time picking a date for our wedding. After lots of research and price checking for summer themed weddings, we finally ended up agreeing on December 14th. 

My next step was to figure out a theme that would incorporate both my fiancés taste with my style. I kept coming back to the idea of a winter wedding (I had just finished reading Game of Thrones and all I could think about was Winterfell!). I kept thinking of all the great options for decorations, food, gifts, etc. I think a lot of brides can relate to this- I spent hours upon hours looking on Pinterest for what the perfect winter wedding would look like, and it quickly became clear that this had the potential to be something very unique and amazing. I didn't come across too many true winter weddings that really incorporated the theme across all elements of the big day (including the décor, food, and actual weather!), so I took it as a personal challenge to throw the best winter wedding imaginable. Aca-scuse me?! – That’s right I think my wedding was the best! 

We really wanted to start the process on the right foot, show our guests a little preview-winter is coming. So we incorporated the winter theme into the invitations. We felt that it really set the mood for letting people know exactly what they were in for...and to prepare for a little more of a “chill factor” with this wedding. We used a sleek, super elegant black invitation with a stunning white snowflake. 

Sparing the elaborate details of how we transformed the church into an ice cave for the day, we will move onto the reception and more importantly, the table settings. Each table was clear glass to give that ice feeling to the whole reception hall. For the centerpieces, we used these awesome “cool blue” colored arrangements. We combined vases with white roses, colored pine cones with tinsel, and several candles of different heights and sizes to create the wintry look and feel (not to mention all the sparkles I added in when my fiancé wasn't looking). 

Probably the best addition that we decided to include was actually a suggestion from one of my bridesmaids. It was time consuming but we frosted personalized wine glasses to get a chilled look (and has lots of fun testing the process out before hand –accompanied by actually filling them with wine). For the general place settings, our guests glasses had our last initial on – we gave my bridesmaids glasses that had their own individual initials on them as part of their gift (Chris wanted something a little more “manly” for his guys so his gents got engraved flasks as their “winter-themed” groomsmen gifts ), but we actually frosted them by placing them (while wet) into the freezer for a few hours. It turned out perfectly, and the guests could not say enough about them. If anyone else decides to host a winter wedding, this is a “must have”. 

The icing on the cake was our wedding favors. The favors that we chose were personalized picture frames with snowflakes on them, with a picture of us inside on our first date. We really wanted to leave our guests with a memory of the night and our love we share. When people look around their house and see the picture sitting on the mantel in the snowflake picture frame, we immediately wanted them to think back to the wedding and all of the amazing fun that they had. It was our way to try and make the wedding last forever in the minds of our guests, just like it will for us.

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Corina's Wedding Cakes {wedding week}

Corina from Dunn's Bakery is sharing her knowledge on wedding cakes and traditions

I've been to quite many weddings (almost all the time crying, nostalgic that my wedding happened a while in the past) and I find it really interesting that there are so many different habits and traditions.
One of them has to do with cakes – and the variety of wedding cakes and wedding cake traditions is quite impressive.

In Japan, the wedding cake may very well start as a prank before actually being served to the guests. Guests will be welcomed by a massive artificial rubber cake, so elaborate, that many take it as real. This is one, though, is real.

In China, wedding food has special symbolism. It is usually eight dishes that are served, and that does not include the cake! The appetizers are a combination of various sliced meats, jellyfish and nuts shaped like dragons and phoenixes. The dragon symbolizes the male, while the phoenix the female.

In France, many opt for the croquenbouche as the traditional wedding cake. This is also served at first communions. Croque-an-bouche actually means “crunch in the mouth”.  It is a form of pastry, the one éclairs are made of, that is generally served as a high-piled cone of chocolate, cream filled profiteroles, all bound with threads of caramel. It can be decorated with flowers, ribbons; it all depends on the baker’s skills and the couple’s request.

In Britain, wedding cakes are traditionally made of fruit cake and they come as tiered wedding cakes. The cake is usually made with cognac soaked dates, prunes, raisins that render a smooth texture and an incredible flavour. Curiously enough, British wedding cakes were made of wheat at first, as a symbol of fertility. Tiered wedding cakes first became popular in the 1600s amongst nobility and royalty. It is an older article in the BBC news magazine that tells us these details. It also highlights the popularity of the tiered cake in countries like France. Luckily, we can all enjoy tiered wedding cakes nowadays. Interestingly, the top tier of the cake was traditionally kept and used at the christening of the couple’s first baby; now it is used at the couple’s first anniversary. In the end it all comes down to what you choose as a couple.

If you ever fancy a tiered wedding cake, you may want to check this page where you can admire and choose contemporary or classic cakes.

In Ukraine, the Korovai is a type of celebration bread used at weddings and anniversaries. It symbolizes family and community. The korovai can be adorned with dough embellishments, coins, leaves, flowers. Usually the dough embellishments are doves or other birds that symbolize the bride and the groom. The dividing of the korovai is also interesting: the top part symbolizes the Moon; it is divided in half and goes to the married couple. The next slice goes to the mother and father of the bride and so on so forth. I find this really interesting.

Traditions like these give weddings charm. While to some they may be common, to others they are completely new and exciting. So perhaps, exchanging wedding traditions and cakes might be a good idea, as long as the history of that tradition is also known.

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Laura's Wedding Binder {wedding week}

Laura from Thrifty Homemaking is sharing her wedding planning info today. 
It was only one year ago that I was in the busiest part of planning my wedding. I married in April 2012, and by January it was time to really get going with the planning. As your wedding day gets closer, the more overwhelming everything seems. But, thanks to staying organized with my wedding binder, I didn't have one worry on our special day.

Here is a list of the major components of my binder: Master to-do list. These can be found on many wedding sites, including theknot.com (which is what I used). This was the first thing in my binder, along with my calendars. These lists are great, because they give you a general idea of when to complete the task (i.e. it's suggested to meet with your photographer two months before the wedding.)

Printable calendars: This allows you to break down the big to-do list with small, manageable steps by day, week, and month. I would suggest using one that also has room for notes at the bottom.
Other forms and lists: Wedding party, budget, timeline, and vendors. Tabs dividing sections for notes and ideas on the ceremony, reception, dresses & suits, etc.

Folders: Inside the folder I kept things such as the DJ and Photographer agreements, receipts, ceremony plans, registry list, coupons, and projects. I was able to save a ton of money by doing projects on my own, shopping sales, and using coupons.

I also added things like taping the wedding colors to the inside the front cover and a picture of my dress. There are so many possibilities for creating a wedding binder of your own. It's a great way to keep organized and store all of your ideas in one place. The most important part is to add personal touches to make your binder and your wedding uniquely yours!

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Megan's Big Day {wedding week}

Hi everyone! I'm Megan and I blog at Just a Small Town Girl.

Weddings are a lot of fun, but I admit they're also stressful. There were plenty of times during the planning that I only wanted to get it over with. The best piece of advice I have for engaged couples is to try and not stress. It's not worth it. In the end, you're still going to be married. I know that's easier said than done. 

Today, I want to share why I think you should throw this wedding tradition out the window.

"What wedding tradition?" you ask. 

The tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony.

First of all, I don't believe in "bad luck." This is a man-made tradition. It comes from a time when marriages were arranged and the bride and groom met for the first time during their wedding ceremony. Some sources say the groom wouldn't see the bride before the wedding in case he found her unattractive and changed his mind. 

My husband was completely against the idea of us seeing each other before the ceremony at first. I talked him into it and he's so glad I did. He even tells people who are getting married that it was one of the best decisions that we made about our wedding.

Let me share with you why we chose to see each other before the wedding.

*Your "reveal" can be a special and private moment. You can set up your reveal wherever and however you want. We chose to keep it simple and have ours at the church with me walking down the aisle just like I would during the ceremony. On the other hand, I had a friend who had her husband stand at the end of a pier over her family's pond and she walked down to him. You can have your photographer snap a few pictures and then leave you alone for a little while to savor the moment.

*This will be the only "down time" you will get with your future spouse until after the day's festivities are over. We were able to hang out between photos, laugh, talk, and just enjoy the day.

*We were able to get ALL of our pictures done before the ceremony. Pictures are so important to me and we didn't have to rush through them. We were able to go straight to the reception after the ceremony because pictures were done. Our guests did not have to wait on us at the reception.

*We were able to hang out together with our family and friends while waiting for the ceremony to start. It made the whole day more relaxing to wait with those we love.


*We were able to go somewhere alone to pray before the big moment. Before the ceremony began, my husband pulled me aside and we prayed for our future together.


*The ceremony itself was less nerve racking. We weren't worrying about seeing each other for the first time. We didn't have the pressure of everyone seeing us see each other for the first time. We had been relaxing and hanging out just a few moments before.  

I highly recommend breaking tradition and seeing each other before the ceremony. However, your wedding is YOURS and you should do what you want to do. I would at least ask you to consider it. The time we spent together before our ceremony is definitely my favorite part of our day. 

Thank you so much to Rebecca for allowing me to post today. I would love to have any of you visit me anytime! 


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Helen's Wedding Planning {wedding week}

The day I got engaged, December 6, 2012! My fiance, Autry.
Hello all! I am excited to be here today guest posting at one of my very favorite blogs today! :) When Rebecca announced that she was looking for people to write about wedding related things I immediately left a comment!

In the past few weeks I've been convinced by my mamma and friends to start up a wedding blog. I really was quite stressed about this at first, but once I actually made myself sit down and work on it everything went SO well! I have really turned most of my wedding posts over to The Story Of Us: Love...Forever & Always, but I still blog about wedding planning details on my regular blog: Blue Eyed Beauty Blog...which I'll tell you more about next:
I am in the middle of preparing for my own wedding which is February 14th. Yes, Valentine's Day!!! Crazy as it may seem, I am planning to get married outside...at the river...I've shared several posts on Blue Eyed Beauty Blog before creating the official wedding blog...but have no fear! I'll still be sharing updates on BEB too! :) LOCATION & DATE According to my cousin, the two biggest battles in planning a wedding are picking a location and setting a date. As you can see, I have both of those covered!

This is from November...but the River is still just as beautiful today! Angel Light Photography by Helen {Blog}
Location was easy for me...although I'm sure it will be quite cold, I have my heart set on getting married at the river...and so at the river it will be! I also have my heart set on getting married on a 14...and it just so happens that February 14th is Valentine's day so that's absolutely perfect! THE {First} DRESS The next battles are picking a dress, putting together a list of what you're going to be doing, and choosing the bridesmaids/groomsmen. Let's start with my dress...
The dress in original form!
This dress was found in October & quite by chance too! I was not even really thinking about a wedding dress. I found this wedding dress at a yard sale! And get this: it was only 0.25 cents!! Nope. I'm not joking! {read more about 'the find' here}

The dress is actually a Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock...I know nothing about it...but I have to say it's ugly. I grabbed the dress only for the hope to refashion it... I wanted a more Jane Austen look for my dress...and that was what I drew out in the original design. BUT as I started making cuts on the huge amount of fabric I began to realize that there wasn't quite as much there as I had hoped...and not only that, but the fabric was not as tall as I had hoped either which means I had to make some changes in how the mid part & top were pieced together.

Obviously the dress is still in the making here, but I did want to show what I have so far. I know that by the time I finish the entire dress it will look nothing like it does now. But since it's all free style and I have no real pattern that I'm following I will just go with where the sewing machine takes me! I do love to refashion though so sewing & playing with the item in the making is the best part of the refashion! THE {Second} DRESS A few days after starting work on the first wedding dress I had a huge meltdown. A friend was shopping at the local thrift store and saw this GORGEOUS dress for only $40! She immediately sent me photos and I had Autry take me up there to try it on...We bought the dress! I felt like a bride in it and that's really awesome because I just wasn't feeling it with the dress I was trying to refashion.
Mon Cheri wedding dress. I bought it for $40 at Goodwill!
I still plan to keep the first dress, but it will not be the wedding dress. I have to make a few minor changes to this dress (aka a bit more fabric on the front/back of the dress to make it more modest) before the wedding, but that's a whole lot less stressful than trying to make the whole thing up myself! THE GIRLS OUTFITS Really this should be about picking the color(s) for your wedding since this is SO important when deciding what your best girls should wear. My colors are white, black, and grey/silver! And I've been able to incorporate that well in the girls outfits...

(photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs)
I saw the above photo on Pinterest awhile back, and even though it was in a Spring wedding setting I knew immediately that I wanted to have my bridesmaids wear long, floor length skirts! Not only are they just plain gorgeous, but they're also fairly comfy & easy to find without being terribly expensive. In planning your bridesmaids outfits you'll really want to keep in mind their budgets too!!!
So as you see in the above photo the outfit covers all three of the wedding colors & is much different than the typical wedding bridesmaid outfit {something that was important to me} plus won't cost a fortune to put together either!
The Bridesmaids Outfit
~floor length/maxi black skirt {formal}
~black lace tank top, neckline @ collarbone
~Grey cardigan {not exactly like this one, but similar}
~silver heels
~white fabric, vintage inspired bouquet

I will have four bridesmaids. Two of my very best friends and two of my sisters. I could have more, but Autry's relatives & friends live in Mississippi so many of them won't be able to make the trip up to the river since they have to work. All four of them already have a pair of silver heels, we will be making their bouquets at some point in the near future {and I'll be blogging about it too}, three of the girls have shirts & one we will be doing a little makeover on a tank top for hers, and one of the girls has a long black formal skirt...and I'll be refashioning some black skirts I had in my refashion box for the other three. As far as the cardigans go we have three of the four we need! THE MENS OUTFITS I had a difficult time putting together the men's outfits. Mostly because Autry wanted boots and the only thing that looks good with boots are jeans... We finally got together an outfit which will compliment what the girls are wearing:

The Men's Outfits
~Nice jeans aka NO holes
~Black button up shirts with silver/grey pinstripes
~brown cowboy boots

Autry will be wearing a suit jacket, but he'll be the only one so that he stands out from the other men. SOMETHING: OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE You all probably know the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...Well, I am on my way to achieving this small list of "requirements" as you might call them. It's taken me awhile to figure all of these things out...and I'm still looking for "something new", but here's what I've got so far!

Something Old
My engagement ring.
This ring belonged to my Grandma Helen {yes, I was named after her!!} It was given to me by my momma. She has kept it in safe keeping ever since it was given to her. I am sad that I never got to meet Grandma Helen, but I know that she would be honored that I'm wearing her ring!

Something Borrowed
My dear friend Kora {at Eclectic Darling} is one of my 'bestest' friends and has helped me so much in the planning & putting together of my wedding! The other day we were talking about the lack of shoes for myself and she had a most brilliant idea: borrow her burlap TOMS!!!
(photo via Pinterest)
I absolutely LOVE the idea especially since my wedding is a mix between casual and fancy things so this helps my outfit have a bit of casual hopefully without looking tacky!

Something Blue

When my parents got married in November they gave each of their daughters a Claddagh ring. At that time I was thinking ahead and planned to get mine with a blue stone in it...for my something blue! I still plan to wear this ring in my wedding as a symbol that they are important to me & as the 'something blue'. {read more about the meaning of the ring & my ring here}
**if you have any ideas on something new, I'm all ears!**
My Flowers? Although the bridesmaids bouquets will be made of fabric...mine will be from real flowers. I haven't quite decided if I'm going to go with red roses or with white orchids. Both are gorgeous and both have such meaning to them for me!

(photo via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)
Red roses. They are a symbol of love. Not only that but I feel that red roses would really stand out well against the white dress and really stand out in photos since no one else will have the red color in their bouquet, etc. However, this could be a huge down side to using all red roses or roses period since I don't want the focus to be on the roses themselves.

(photo via Pinterest)
White orchids are special to me because those are the flowers Autry first told me about when we were in the long distance part of our relationship. I looked them up online, since I had no clue what they looked like, and I saw this photo! Can you not see how gorgeous this would be???

(photo via Style Me Pretty)
And of course I have a third option...a mix of different white flowers. This exact bouquet was on my list from the very beginning of bouquets I adored...and it has made it to the final round! Now all I have to do is decide what exactly I want to do...and that may require some outside opinions so share away! OTHER DETAILS I'm a huge DIYer girl and, if you haven't noticed, that is spilling over into my wedding as well! Which is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is my wedding is going to be totally personalized! The bad thing is I have more projects than can fit into a single wedding so I've had to narrow things down...a LOT! Here are the ideas that I'm really planning on using/doing for my wedding:

(photo via Sister's Baking Co.)
This is the inspiration for my wedding cake! I am SO fortunate to have a cake decorator for a best friend...she has offered her skills in the area of cake decorating to help out with my wedding! She loves this cake and thinks she can create something similar...which I'm SUPER excited about! *That's Kora, by the way!*
(photo via Daydream Lily)
I'm still working on the invitation details...and that really needs to hurry up, but I'm pretty sure that I'll be using these gorgeous paper doily envelopes! I actually already have the huge paper doily's so this wouldn't cost me a thing!!! AND it's pretty!
(photo via Pinterest)
Minus the snow, and using different candle holders I LOVE this idea! I do plan to recreate this for my wedding reception table! I actually found a silver tray at the thriftstore for $2.00. The best thing is I'll be able to use it for other things after the wedding!
(photo via Pinterest)
I really don't have a table cloth...but because I sew I have TONS of scraps which would be perfect for a table cloth like this! We just may end up doing this if I don't come up with any other table cloth ideas before the wedding!
(photo via Pinterest)
I have an old wood box which used to hold ink at one point...and I absolutely plan to have silverware in it at the reception, much like the above photo displays it!

(photo via Etsy)
Heart Shaped Confetti...from the book Pride & Prejudice. This project is COMPLETE! YAY! I have my own photos, but they're still on my camera right now. I totally plan to write a tutorial for this though because it was SO easy!!!
(photo via MyWedding)
I absolutely plan to have a chalkboard or something with the dates and what happened for us to have on display at the wedding. This is mostly because we do have a Love Story over a year old, and by the time we get married it will be a year and a half since the beginning of it! I saw this awhile back on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect way to display a bit about us without being an overload of information!

Someone will FOR SURE have the duty of picking up a newspaper on the day we're married! I have the newspaper from the day I was born and think it is a really neat idea! RECEPTION FOODS Other than the cake which you saw just above, we will have a hot chocolate bar, heart shaped cookies, pastel "wedding" mints, and...wait for it...Popcorn! This lovely idea was presented by Miss Veronica @ Passion, Pink & Pearls and I absolutely LOVED it! As you can tell...it's in the final food plan!

(photo via Pinterest)
I just love this idea! Especially since my wedding will be outside and it will more than likely be cold...This gives the guests something to help warm them up!

(photo via Glorious Treats)
I absolutely LOVE the idea of using these snowflakes made out of icing to top hot chocolate or hot tea! I'm not for sure that we'll use this, but I had to throw it out there for anyone else who might like the idea! CLOSING Of course there are so many more plans that go into a wedding that what I've shared with you all today, but hopefully you have found some inspiring things here & will be able to use that inspiration in your own wedding or a friend's or sister's wedding down the road! Obviously there's still time before my wedding arrives & even long after I'm sure I'll keep coming up with grand ideas for weddings that are not my own...so If you'd like to keep up with Pins for MY wedding go here! or for wedding Pins in general go here! I still have things to decide, figure out and plan so if you're interested in this guest post you might want to keep up with my wedding by following the label: Wedding Planning With Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog. That is a post series I created specifically to share details of my wedding! Thank you all so much for reading! Of course if you have any ideas or thoughts on what you've seen please feel free to share away! I'm all ears! :)

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