Oh You Nasty Flu Bug - xoxo Rebecca

Oh You Nasty Flu Bug

I have to say, this has been one terrible week. Everyone here has the flu so bad. Like, really bad. First our daughter got it from school last Friday and then it really took off Saturday night. Then my husband got it and I had to quarantine myself and the baby in the bedroom since with his surgery, he cannot be around any germs or sickness.So I've been freaking out about that. 

Then I got it...oh joy. Now I was really freaking out. Since I have it bad but not as bad as the other two, I have still been on baby patrol.It has not really let up at all and we all still really crappy. Natalya tried going to school today but I think we will keep out home tomorrow. She only went today out of the entire week. That's pretty bad. 

So I have been so stressed out, so exhausted from almost no help and no sleep, so irritated and sore. I keep feeling like I'm going to cough up a lung here in a minute. And it all really sucks. It has me in a really bitchy mood unfortunately. 

Also, today marks one week exactly until I have to return back to work. Can we say "How?" Time went by too fast. I can't believe I have to go back in exactly one week. That's going to suck a lot. But someone in the house has to work and it will be nice to finally be getting a paycheck again and not having to ask my parents to pay everything for us. That part I am happy about. The rest, not so much. 

I hate to have to leave my little guy. He will be exactly six weeks old. I had to go back to work when my daughter was born when she was five weeks old.Why can't America have the same maternity laws and rules like the rest of the world where some countries give a year to be home and paid while entering motherhood? Such as life, right? 

Oh and we got our Christmas presents in the mail from my parents today. My mom instructed us not to open any of them except the baby's until Christmas. She sent us a bouncer/rocker thing for him that vibrates and said we could use it on him now to see if it helps soothe him better. But what does my husband go and do?

He opened the gift that was for our whole family. My mom is going to be super pissed if she finds out he did that. My parents sent us a Wii U. So he's in the living room right now playing it up and I'm totally pissed that he opened it. I swear, men and their video games. Let's just hope that when I go back to work, he's just not sitting around the house all day playing that neglecting everything. But I know he will be. That's a guy for ya. Luckily no one in my family even knows I have a blog and my mom doesn't even know how to turn on a computer so at least I can say things like this without anyone finding out.

Anyway, I have a few photos to recap and share with you all that I have managed to take during the week even though it was a rough one, I managed a few good moments in there.

Can you believe it got to almost 90 degrees on Monday here? Geez...it was horrible and nasty hot out that day.

Only the cool kids wear duckies!

I saw this car after I picked up my daughter from school today. Cheetah anyone? WOW

My poor baby has been the worst today. So fussy. So I danced with him to Cher's albums and we had a blast. Who doesn't love a good Cher song? Don't even ask how I got a shot as decent as this tonight. I look and feel like hell. This was a miracle shot that I didn't look like death in

I also took lil' Reg's birth announcement photos today and can't wait to share the finished product with you all. I'm starting to work on them right now. They are going out in my Christmas cards this year and I'm sending those out this weekend :) {if I survive with this nasty flu bug}

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