Glücklicher Saint Nicholas Tag - xoxo Rebecca

Glücklicher Saint Nicholas Tag

Heute ist St. Nikolaus Tag und natürlich, das ist einer meiner all time favorite Ferien / Traditionen, die ich getan habe, seit ich ein kleines Kind war. Ich habe so aufgeregt, um in der Lage sein, diese auf meine Kinder weitergeben und ich hoffe, es geht weiter.

Today is St. Nikolaus Day and of course, this is one of my all time favorite holidays/traditions that I have been doing since I was a little kid. I have been so excited to be able to pass this down to my children and I hope it continues on.

I get so excited every year when St. Nikolaus Tag comes around. As a kid, it used to be this huge thing around town. In school, we would walk around decorating the place for St. Nikolaus to come visit and then someone would dress up like him and visit us. And throughout the town, they did things relating to St. Nikolaus as well.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. If you remember last year, I talked about this as well and posted our day. I'm doing it again this year too {and the year after and after and so on}.

Here's a bit of the story on St. Nikolaus Tag:

Basically, since growing up in Germany, it has become a big family tradition of ours to celebrate this day. St. Nikolaus is basically like a "Santa Claus". But on the night of December 5th, the children are supposed to leave their shoes/boots outside their door and if they have been good that year, St. Nikolaus and his sidekick, Knecht Ruprecht, comes to their home and fills their shoes with candy and goodies and little gifts. However, if the children have been bad, he leaves behind switches in their shoes so that their parents can beat them for being naughty. In some cases of the really bad children, he takes the children away in his big sack as punishment. So hopefully you all have been good this year :)

Here are our photos from this year's St. Nikolaus Tag
Natalya made this at school. It's a countdown to Christmas
Our St. Nikolaus Tag / Christmas Countdown calendar. I've used this since I was a child.

What St. Nikolaus left in Natalya's shoes at midnight

She woke up to try and sneak a peek at him but it was too late, he already came and went and so she sat there enjoying her candy and sweets he left for her. Then she refused to go back to bed LOL