The Second Week - xoxo Rebecca

The Second Week

I wanted to first take the time to say to everyone how appreciative and amazing you guys have been to me. All the love and support through everything has lifted my heart so greatly through all this that had been going on with my baby.

All the comments are so wonderful and I do read each and every single one. And All the kind words can't express how thankful I am to have you all in my life {whether I know you personally before the blog or after the blog}. You are all very dear to me.

If you are just tuning in and need an update, please go to my previous post about this called The First Week. I couldn't show photos in my post about it because of how personal the photos were. It tells the story from the beginning of what has happened since I had the baby. So I left off how my little baby had to have emergency surgery and I stayed by his side non-stop, day and night as much as I could for the first days leading up to his first week of life.

So on the day he turned a week old {which was also my due date for him} I was with him all morning in the hospital. I was finally holding him and feeding him with a bottle and getting to sit there and cuddle on my brand new baby. Life at home seemed fine even though my daughter was taking it very bad.

I would come home in the afternoons and be with her when she got out of school. She would draw pictures of the baby and then lay on the floor crying and screaming for him. It made me cry a lot because I wanted him home too. That night my stress level went even higher. My husband and I have had a lot of ups and downs. And I thought possibly with the birth of our son, things would bring us closer together especially since our little boy was going through so much right now. I don't like to talk about my relationship or marriage but I found he hadn't been as faithful to me as I thought he was.

We have had these issues in the past and they happen more often then they should. Which is not something that I like talking about. But I found things and that night every part of me failed. I felt like a failed mother who blamed herself non stop for what was happening to my baby and what did I do to have him deserve this. And then I felt like a failed wife because I thought I was doing everything right to make my husband happy. So then the arguments began. But differently then the other ones. I was so worn down, so defeated, so stressed from everything going on in my life, I just took it and decided maybe this needed to be it. Maybe we needed to end things and move on. I couldn't take all the bad news one after the other. But for the first time in all the years we have been together, the first time through the fights, he said things to me that made me feel he really was sorry and genuinely cared.

But that still didn't make me feel better. I was still so upset. I left early in the morning to go to the hospital. I needed to be with my baby boy really bad now. Holding him would make me feel better. For a while, I messaged back and forth with my husband about things and he still kept saying the same things that sounded like he was truly sorry. I kept telling him it's not going to work, but I really wanted it to. So we are trying to make our marriage happy and strong again for the sake of us and our children  Because deep inside, he really loves me more then anything.

So back to the baby....each day he seemed to progress more and more. I always asked non-stop when do they think he will be coming home. I never got an answer because it was still too early to really know. But the surgeons and doctor's looked at him each morning and if I wasn't there yet, would call me with updates of tell me when I arrived at the hospital. Slowly, they started taking him off machines as he showed he could be stable without them. He finally started to look like my little baby boy again.

Here's some photos of me and him together during that week at the hospital. He still had tubes and cords and machines, but not as many and he looked more alive now that he was finally eating and breathing on his own and using the bathroom. I only wanted to show photos of him wrapped up. His stomach and chest were all still bandaged up and had IVs all over.

I also that week took a post-pregnancy photo. You can compare the two. The first one you guys saw on my pregnancy posts. I was 39 weeks and that was also the same day he was born. The second photo is two weeks after he was born. My post preggo body.

So it was the week of Thanksgiving and our baby boy was turning two weeks old that day. So we decided to do Thanksgiving on Wednesday and then go see him all day Thursday and be with him not only on his two week birthday, but on his first holiday as well.

So on the morning of Thanksgiving, we were all getting ready to head over and see our little guy. I was finishing packing up his stuff since they said we could bring him a cute outfit to wear and I had milk they needed and I was bringing him some books so I could read to him and my daughter.

Then the phone rang. It was the hospital so I grabbed it and it was his surgeon calling me. He said that he looked him over this morning and there really wasn't much else he felt they needed to do or watch. They went ahead and removed all the IVs, tubes, cords, and machines from him and he has been doing well on his own. He feels we could come bring him home today.

I started crying saying "for real?" Normally a baby who had that extensive of surgery would be in the NICU for at least a month. But he was healing so fast, they thought he would do just fine at home in our care. I was so thrilled. I could not believe the news. So I unpacked some of the stuff and only brought what I would need to bring him home with.

So we left and our little guy looked great. He looked just like my baby. No cords or anything on him or running up under his skin anymore. It was amazing. The best Thanksgiving I could ever ask for. So they let me put him in his turkey outfit my parents bought for him and we took him home wearing that. My little turkey butt :0)

And here are some photos of our homecoming. We were so happy and proud our little guy was finally coming home and we were going to be a happy little family with the four of us now.
So we now just have lots of doctor's appointments for him now to go to for a while and strict rules we have to go by for his health. But so far, he has made it known he is home and does not let us sleep at all :0)

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