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I Love Me Monday

Join in the I Love Me Monday link up by clicking the button above. It's been a while since I participated so I thought why not today? You should too. It's easy and fun.

This is the most recent photo I have taken of myself and yes, I just recently showed in my pregnancy update but I like this photo. Makes me feel like I look pretty in all this "end of the pregnancy" craziness.

I am beautiful, I am pretty, I am stunning, sexy, gorgeous & amazing
{even when I'm not all these things, I still am}

 having a dryer again. Seriously, you don't realize how awesome they really are until you have to hang things to dry and everything is rock hard even with gallons of fabric softener  Three weeks has been way too long and I'm so loving we finally got one delivered today.

 that I am at the end of my pregnancy. I can't wait to have another baby around the house. Though I'm terrified at the same time to be a mommy again.

 that my husband and I have been having some great days these last few weeks of pregnancy  I thought with all the bitching and complaining I have been doing, it may cause fights, but somehow, we are the happiest right now we seem to have ever been. And I can't tell you how amazing it feels to feel so happy with him.

 that my daughter is really excited about becoming a big sister. I wasn't sure if there would be jealously, but honestly, she seems far from it. And that makes me smile knowing that she will be the best big sister and helper.

 that I haven't gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy. I have only gained 24 pounds. That's amazing considering with my daughter, I gained 55 pounds {ouch!}

 feeling pretty and beautiful. It's very rare these days when you have a belly the size of a hot air balloon and can barely walk. But I really love moments like in the photo above where I feel like I look beautiful!

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