The New Scarf - xoxo Rebecca

The New Scarf

I have to say, I really find these giveaways a bit fun. I love knowing I have won something. Especially something handmade. Those are the best I think. My first win was a Starbucks giftcard which I gave to my mom. I know she really loved that. The second was some cool homemade pens that I am still currently waiting on. Then I won this awesome little bracelet from Jessica which was adorable. And now, I just received a few days ago this amazing scarf as well.
It's perfect. The color is perfect, the length, and knits are all perfect. I love this. My daughter does too. She likes to put it on as well. So big thanks to Sara from Mommy Summers for this. Sara currently has these for sale in different colors on her shop. Click on her button to go visit her blog as well.