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Surgery While Pregnant

Hello everyone! I'm blogging to you live straight from the hospital. Thank goodness for wifi right to keep the boredom at ease.

So in case you have been wondering about me or read my updates on Facebook, you have seen what has been going on. I can tell you, it hasn't been a walk in the park.

So the title is true. Early this morning/late last night, however you take it, I had to undergo some pretty hardcore surgery. Now it's normally not so bad. But being at my 30 week mark (and for those of you not aware there are 40 weeks total), this was a serious matter. They try to avoid having anything done after the second trimester because the risks become so much greater. But every single surgeon in the hospital agreed it had to be done and right away.

Let me bring you back to speed and tell you what triggered me having gone from completely normal to having something so serious all of a sudden.

It all started early Tuesday morning at 4:00am. I was woken up in the middle of the night in the most severe pain. First thing to come to my head was contractions and I'm going into labor. Which happened around this time with my first pregnancy. So I actually wasn't scared just in pain. Couldn't do anything except throw up non stop which was sucking. At 8:00am I waited to see if the pain would subside. It didn't so I called the doctor and they told me he was there at the hospital and to go. So after my husband came back from dropping off our daughter at school, we left. Got here around 9:15am and underwent lots of testing.

I started to think the cord had wrapped around the baby's neck or I was dilating. After tests and some hours of ultrasounds, they ruled out baby bean is doing fantastic. Nothing wrong there. Which eased my mind. They said baby's head is very down near my cervix but that is completely closed and thick so no labor or anything to think baby would be coming right then.

So after a few hours of waiting, the results came back. They sent a surgeon in and told me that my pain is not contractions right then, some pain was due to ligaments stretching. My uterus took on a growth spurt. But they found out my appendix was about to burst.

Not at all what we were expecting to hear. We thought it was just contractions or ligaments and then be sent home. Nope. I was in so much pain because it had hit its breaking point and if it didn't come out, a big chance showed the baby could die and I could too.

So they offered me pain meds but being that we don't believe in that, I declined and was just in such severe pain. The surgery was scheduled for 5:00pm originally then pushed back to 6, then to 7, then to 8:30 then to 9 then finally we were ready to go around 11pm. So many other emergencies came up and I had to keep getting pushed. So around 8:45pm I opted in for pain meds. I couldn't take it anymore. The pain was the same as an exploding cyst which I've had in the past and that's how I describe an exploding appendix.

So the surgeon talked to me about everything that could go wrong. Naturally, I started to cry. He told me they would put me under and do the surgery through my belly button. I wouldn't know anything going on nor feel anything.

However, once I finally was able to get the ball rolling and taken up to be prepped, the plan changed. I was now informed I would have to be awake during the entire surgery and they were going to have to cut my side open. I was crying some more scared.

They told me that I had to be awake for the safety of the baby. They ruled out being put under could endanger the baby. So I had to be awake and aware. Then they said my uterus was so huge, the appendix was hiding and going through the belly button would make more complications in the end even though the recovery is easier and less painful. But going straight on in a cut from the surface, they could push the uterus out of the way easier so less harm to the baby at this point.

So I had to get a spinal tap which really set me off. I was so completely scared to have this due to horror stories of people having epidurals and spinals. I tried talking them out of it but it was the only choice.

I've never had any drugs through my first pregnancy and wasn't sure if I really in fact wanted drugs with this delivery. All I kept saying was is this going to be ok for the baby since, like I said earlier, I'm against pain medication for anything. Even a fever or headache.

So they prepped me and got me to the operating room. I'm not sure about what time is was but it was hitting around midnight. I bent over while two nurses held me from shaking so bad to get the spinal. I was crying from being so scared. But I felt it and soon I felt nothing from my ribs down.

They positioned my legs so uncomfortable but had to for a catheter that I started shaking again from feeling the numbness go into effect. I couldn't stop shaking from pain like I could describe due to the numbness. It hurt going numb. They gave me some meds to calm my nerves.

The surgery lasted about an hour. It normally is 15 mins but being so pregnant, time was not an issue. They just needed to get the appendix out slowly while making sure my baby stayed unharmed.

I felt lots of pushing, pressure and movement from their hands around my stomach. About four surgeons were there and three nurses. They talked to me the entire time. I have no idea why but I couldn't stop blabbing on and on.

Finally, it was over and after being monitored, they saw I was started to contract. So they started discussing if an emergency c-section could be needed if my body went into labor. Thankfully, that never happened so once the spinal wore off, it was 2am and I could finally be in a nice room to recover.

So it has been an adventure. I'm in such pain it's pretty unbearable. But I'm so glad after all the baby is doing wonderful so far. Taking it like a champ. However, I hate that it keeps only hitting me with its fist right where the appendix was. I cry and scream everytime.

So they have allowed me to eat today for the first time in over 24 hours. It's been about 29 hours before I could eat or drink anything. They started me out on an strict liquid breakfast. Lunch I could up it to a full liquid lunch. A soft food dinner and a soft food later snack.

Tomorrow I may be able to move to a full food breakfast. So they are thinking of keeping me here until Friday night then I have to be out of work from one to three weeks at home. So money wise, I'm stressing out big time. I can't think about that now. But you know, it's hard not to.

So that has been my week so far.

{update-so since it has been a very crazy week for me, I'm linking this post up to these blog hops until I can bring everyone up with an update today on my progress}

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