Sunday Sponsor Sensory Bottles Post - xoxo Rebecca

Sunday Sponsor Sensory Bottles Post

SUNDAY 09.16.12

Hey guys, remember Mary, one of my sponsors? Well, she was so sweet to contribute this post to share with all my readers.  This is a great concept and idea for mommies with little ones who are coming into the world of curiosity with sounds and sights. I love these bottles and they are super easy as well to create and seem to give hours of fun and excitement for the children as well. Check out her post below:

This one was a bit more labor intensive than the other activities I have posted, but it was still pretty easy.  I took some old drinking bottles and filled them with all sorts of things for the babies to look at.  They really had a good time with this.

These are the three bottles I made.

The first one I filled with some water, food coloring, and dish soap.  The babies like to shake it up and make it all foamy.

The next one is filled with rice, beans, and pebbles.  I think this one may actually be their favorite.  They love to make noise.... and well this does just that.

The third one I made I put in a few drops of purple glitter paint, some sequins, and filled it up with water.  You can't see the sequins very well, but when you shake it you can see them swirl around inside.  All the glitter is so swirly and it is really fun to watch.  This one was my favorite.  I think older kids would like this one more because it really is neat to watch, but it didn't really hold the babies interest.

They really did have a good time playing with these and it kept them busy for a whole afternoon.  These bottles are now in their everyday toy rotation.  They love to carry them around and shake them up.
No Penny.... These bottles aren't in fact for drinking anymore! :)