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Pickles & Ice Cream

SATURDAY 09.22.12
I decided I wanted to make this a blog hop because I think it would be the greatest to share stories about all the crazy food cravings pregnancy brings about with most women. Now it doesn't have to be about cravings either. It can even be a food that you never thought in a million years you would eat and being pregnant, made you try it just cause.
So I guess I will go first :0) When I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2006, I started getting these massive cravings for oranges. I just wanted oranges galore around 30 weeks and on. I would just sit and eat bags and bags of oranges all day and go to the store about 3-4 times a day buying more bags. I would even make my husband go at night to Walmart {when everything else was closed} just for some oranges if I didn't have enough. I think I ate about two bags of oranges a day until she as born. I was not even a big orange fan either. Crazy! When she was born, she was allergic to oranges and was for many years. Now she doesn't seem to really have an allergy to them anymore.
With this pregnancy I am going through now, I haven't quite felt the strong cravings as I did the first time pregnant. So to me, I don't consider them cravings because I'm not crazy about having to do whatever it takes to have a certain food. But I have gone through phases here and there where I just want pizza for like a week straight.

But I did eat something I never thought I would ever in my life try. That's right, I couldn't help it, the pregnancy hunger took over and I took a bite {a small one but still a bite} of......can you guess from the photo below?
That's right CHICKEN! Never ever in my life would I ever think I would get up the appetite to actually put chicken in my mouth and swallow. But I did last night. The piece was probably the size of my finger nail. I was so shocked I even touched it. You should have seen the look on my husband's face. He just laughed because he knows how I have always been around chicken. Never even wanting to look at it or smell it, let alone attempt to eat it.

I shocked myself too. He hesitated giving it to me cause he never thought he'd live to see the day. And you know what? It wasn't horribly bad. I don't know if I would ever eat it again, but it wasn't bad. I really did enjoy the spiciness of it. See what pregnancy has started to do to me? Eating that piece of chicken last night was my equivalent of the Pickles with Ice Cream story. We don't go together and never would anytime except now. I just got this hunger over me that pushed a desire to have some chicken. I still can't get over that.
So now that I spilled the beans on my pregnancy food stories, it's your turn to share. I even created this awesome little button for you to use to link up with. Write up your post, place the button there and then link up just your post below. And don't forget to share! Sharing is caring and I would love to read all the stories because I know there would be some great ones! All stories welcomed no matter how long ago you were pregnant.

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