We Survived Week One - xoxo Rebecca

We Survived Week One

I meant to write this post days ago... seriously... life is just too short on hours in the day lately... well, it doesn't help when you have to cut it short due to being overly exhausted and pregnant either.

But we did it. We survived the first week of Kindergarten. And I'm glad we did too. Tomorrow starts week two. She loves kindergarten. Her classmates, her teacher, the school...she has taken so well to it. Not wanting to say bye in the morning but just running off to class. My husband takes her each morning and picks her up. He tells me she's so excited to be there. I'm glad she's loving school. She calls it "Big School". No more pre-school or daycare. She's a big girl now.

She gets really upset everyday she comes home and doesn't have homework. She actually starts crying because she's so mad. I told her the teacher wouldn't be giving homework the first week but ti will be coming so don't worry.

At her school, children are required to wear school uniforms and have their hair pulled back. So it's easy to dress her every morning and get her hair in a ponytail. We both took her on her first day which was last Monday {August 13th}. And yes, I cried a little. I don't know why either but I did. I'm a total sap for these kind of things. I cried at her pre-school graduation as well. The pregnancy hormones haven't helped with being so emotional either.

So I believe between the uniforms and the school supplies, just for her first day of kindergarten costs around $300 ... yea, that's a lot. And I am thankful my parents paid for all of it. So school supply lists have really changed since I was a kid. Now, they list the most specific things on there. From the colors of folders they are allowed to have to the brand of notebooks they can only bring. It used to be whatever you liked, you could bring. On my daughter's school supply list, there was a specific type of marker. I searched everywhere for this brand of markers and the only place I found them was at Sam's Club and they wanted $141 for them. I'm not spending over $100 on some markers a five year old will leave the cap off and it dries out after two minutes.
After driving to every store where we live, I finally found some in a smaller pack but it cost me $20 for them. That bit the dust big time... but since it was a specific item on her list, I had to get them. I'm sure they will not last more then a month. But I have my fingers crossed they will.

However, she was allowed to pick out her backpack and lunch box. So this is what she chose {Hello Kitty lunch box & Monster High backpack}:

I took a few photos of her in the car ride to school but here are just a couple of dropping her off. We were not allowed to go with them to their classroom. The school felt it would be too much for the kids and parents so the we had to say our goodbyes in the waiting room and then the teachers would walk them to their classrooms when school started.

So we left and ran some errands and then I had to go to work. Back when I was in kindergarten, there were only two teachers and there was one morning class and one afternoon class. Now, at her school, there are eight kindergarten classes and they go all day. From 8:30am-3:00pm
But she loves it. Over 800 children attend her school from kindergarten to fifth grade. And there are probably around 20 elementary schools in our county will all the same number of students probably. There are lots of kids around here.

Each day at her school, the teacher chooses one child who is the Star of the Day and the other day, my daughter was chosen. And how it works is that every child has to draw the Star of the Day's portrait. Here is how everyone in the class drew my daughter on her day:

And we also finally discovered the library. I know we may be a little late on this but better late then never. I used to go so much with my mom when I was little. So I thought my little girl would love going too. So we found the one near our house and went. Got a ton of books and they were doing arts and crafts story time as well. She got too shy to stay for story time so we went back for arts and crafts. She really loved it so we will go back next week as well. But here is what she made:

 This week's story and theme was monsters. So they had to make their own monster. Her's was really scary as you can see. So that was about it. And so we shall see what this next week of shcool holds in store. She may get homework this week....we will have to see.