twenty-eight weeks - xoxo Rebecca

twenty-eight weeks

SUNDAY 08.26.12

Well hello third trimester. So last Thursday I officially hit the final trimester in all this {So today I technically am 28 and a half weeks}. Twenty eight weeks, seven months......the countdown seems to really have begun. Baby is due November 15th and we are still thinking it may be earlier. I don't know. Just a feeling since my daughter was born early. Who knows, maybe this one will surprise me and come later or even on the day.

What's been going on this week in belly land:

Of course, starting to be this big, you don't really feel attractive anymore. I hardly ever do now. However, for some reason when I wear this dress, I feel pretty. I just really love this dress. So I tend to wear it often. Here's this week's belly photo:

I had a doctor's appointment as well. Now my appointments are every two weeks. So every other Friday. Everything is going great. The baby and I couldn't be better. The baby's heartbeat was at 153 {the highest it's been yet}. Baby is measuring right to the day and my weight is still in good standing. Although I feel like a fat ass. The only thing I need to watch is my sugar intake. Most people are told to cut back while the doctor told me I actually need to take in more. I've been having lots of dizzy spells and it's because I wasn't eating enough sugar to keep my levels high enough so I wouldn't feel dizzy. So I've been making sure I've been getting enough sugar this weekend to keep me balanced.

Another thing was I finally got to see my stomach moving. The baby pushed two times to where it made my stomach jump a bit. Like my stomach had two hiccups. I tried to show my husband but it never happened again. Haven't really felt any kicking but I can now feel where the baby is because of the pressure that moves inside around. It seems to only stay on my right side. I don't' think I've ever felt it on the left side.

How far along? 28 weeks {7 months} - Baby is due in November.
Total weight gain/measurements: I gained 1 pound from last week so now a total of 16 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Of course!
Stretch marks? Nope. I never got them with my first pregnancy and none so far.
Best moment this week: I'm a dork, but seeing that a new Resident Evil is coming out. LOL I love Resident Evil movies.
Miss anything? Sleep. Seriously....why is my body waking up at 5am on my days off?
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really anything that didn't when I wasn't pregnant. Melted cheese has to be the biggest thing that has always made me feel like throwing up and still does. {I think this will be the same every week unless it really changes}
Cravings: Nope, no cravings yet. I'm sure it will be coming.
Gender: Surprise surprise! We will find out in October at the reveal party.
Labor signs: Nope.
Symptoms: Tired, dizzy, and some cramping and pains from the baby growing and moving. Lots of pressure in places.
Belly button in or out? In.
Happy or moody most of the time: You know this week I have actually been pretty happy for once.
Baby purchases: No, nothing purchased yet for the baby. 
Looking forward to: My best friend coming up here so we can start shopping for the shower. Still trying to plan her visit.

Remember to go over to my sidebar and find the poll to take a guess what you think the gender will be. I'm really anxious and excited what everyone thinks! I'm even more excited when we find out. Until next time, adios!