★Rockin' Blogger Award - xoxo Rebecca

★Rockin' Blogger Award

I was honored today to find that one of the best bloggin' buddies I know past this award to me. I feel so loved. This new award designed by none other then Destiny and her kick ass blog called Rockin' Mama/This Mama Rocks {so of course I'm totally stoked and loving it}

Here are her rules when receiving this award:
★Accept Award
★Pass The Award To Other Rockin' Bloggers
★Come Back To Rockin' Blogger Award & Link Your Blog!

There were so many other bloggers on her list so instead of duplicating their award, I'm just thinking of them in spirit as well as a few other bloggers who I really like their blog or have built a great friendship with.

I know there are so many others. And I love all your blogs. I think every blog deserves an award!