twelve weeks - xoxo Rebecca

twelve weeks

I'm been a pretty bad blogger lately. I can barely have the energy and time to write in my own blog and really neglecting the blogs I love to read. It's been forever I feel since I have been able to get around to reading and commenting on them. I'm so sorry about that. It seems my days become more and more hectic. Oh how I wish I were a stay at home mom. To be able to do everything during the weekdays and not use up my weekends to only clean up a week's worth of messes. I feel I get home later and later from work giving no time to do much of anything.

But last Sunday {so it's been one week now. Seems longer} we finally made the public announcement about our pregnancy. Sure, we told my parents, and I posted all about it on my blog. But hardly any of my friends or family read my blog so they hadn't known the news. It came as a huge shock to many. But in a good way at least. I did a similar announcement on my blog a while back and so we redid the photos last week for everyone else. And this is how it turned out:

So that is what I posted up on Facebook and I don't think I have ever got as many comments on a photo before as I did this one. But it was nice. Everyone seems to be happy for us.

So today I am 12.5 weeks and getting ready to get out of the first trimester. Thank goodness. I hate the first one. It's so slow, so painful and so yucky. Wanting to throw up all the time and no sleep makes for a crappy three months. I'm not even sure when the official end of the first trimester is. Some sites I read say 12 weeks. Others say 14 weeks..... I don't' think anyone knows for sure.

I also had my first doctor's appointment on Wednesday and that was really exciting but super long. I can't tell you how exhausting that day was. My appointment started at 10:30am and we were all done at 2:00pm....long long long day for everyone. And there wasn't even much done that would take that long. It was more paperwork and waiting then anything.

The nurses and doctor didn't believe I was as far along as I thought so they didn't do an exam or anything. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat either. But they did do an ultrasound and that was all I really wanted to do. So I was super happy. They wanted to measure and see my exact due date and how far along I was really.

I've been telling everyone November 15th because that is what I calculated and so I wasn't going to be absolutely sure until this visit. And you know what? I was 100% dead on. The calculations and measurements from the ultrasound came out to be exactly Nov 15th. Damn I'm good. I was dead on with my daughter's due date too. I have known many people's who's due date changed so much throughout their pregnancy but mine has always stayed the same with each one.

So here are the photos they got of our little baby bean growing. Although we never heard the heartbeat, we got to see it on the screen and it was beating at 150 beats per minute which she said was great.

So the little baby bean looks like it's developing great. I loved seeing it on the monitor and all the things going on. The baby was sleeping and she got it to move around and that made me giggle because she was moving my stomach all over the place.

The doctor told me since I am 12 weeks, the chance of miscarriage is now 10% which is great news. And since I have no history of it, my chances are even less. So I'm glad that everything seems fine and healthy so far with both of us.

The doctor then gave me a huge supply of prenatal vitamins that will probably last the rest of my pregnancy and seem to be working great so far. They are made specifically made for morning sickness and so since taking them, I have been feeling so much better. I don't feel sick nearly as much anymore. I'm feeling so much more like myself. I am so happy. And this past week, I have gotten so much more sleep and less trips to the bathroom too. I'm so glad the first trimester is almost over. When does it really end anyway? I've read it ends at 12 weeks, then another source said 14 weeks....does anyone even know?

So since my appointment was only an ultrasound, I was then sent for blood work and lots of it. Since this was my first appointment, I had lots of tests to make up for from all the past weeks. The only tests I declined were the down syndrome tests. I do not believe in those so I told them it was something I refused to do. And so I was only sent for mostly tests to make sure I am healthy. My iron levels, HCG levels and things like that.

I go back to the doctor when I'm 15 weeks {so very soon} for my very first exam and more testing. I have to say, I really like my doctor this time around. I really think he was so nice and I think this will be a nice pregnancy with him around as someone I trust. I was kind of scared of my doctor the first time around. So this is a relief.

So let's get to what has been going on this week through the pregnancy stages:

And here is my twelve week belly photo:

I knew this would be a long update. But so much went on this week with the doctor's appointment. Now just a few weeks left til my next. I'm sure it won't be nearly as exciting to talk about as this one.