The No-Candy Easter Bunny - xoxo Rebecca

The No-Candy Easter Bunny

So, it's Easter. And even though we are not a religious family, Easter is still fun to celebrate with the kids minus all the religious stuff. So of course, most of you know we have been a healthy-eating family for a few months now and I knew this day would come.
What to do when Easter is non-stop all candy all the time? Well, we decided not to do the candy this year. No Easter baskets. Not in a traditional sense anyway. My daughter didn't wake up to a 30 pound chocolate mound of candy. Not like last year. Last year I swear between all the relatives sending her things, she had like 25 pounds of candy.
So I took her to an Easter egg hunt yesterday at our community's clubhouse where the kids could hunt for the eggs. They had tickets and money inside of them. She got two tickets and three dollars. You then traded in your tickets for prizes. I was glad cause I didn't want her to have all that candy. There were only a few eggs that had candy and that was ok. A few pieces were good enough for me.
I love the fact they put money in the eggs. Really encouraged the kids to find them all. Also, yesterday was her first time ever having her photo taken with the Easter Bunny. She has never taken a photo with Santa or the Easter Bunny {against my husband's rules} so we have never bothered taking her to do so.
But since the Easter Bunny was at the egg hunt and it was in our community, I knew who was in the costume and so I let her get her photo taken with Mr. Bunny.

Then we dyed eggs. She non-stopped begged and complained to do these damn eggs. So finally, they were ready to dye and we sat there and dyed them together {me & her....the husband doesn't do the "holiday" things}. So it went pretty well. She was impatient and not wanting to wait most fo the time for the colors to settle in. But we finally made it through two dozen with a couple cracked ones that she dropped while trying to color them.

And so for our Easter basket, my parents sent us a very large fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. They did this in the past and we liked it. The last time they sent us this one:

It was pretty good except the bunnies were made out of pineapple and we aren't too big of fans of that. So this year they sent us this one:

It was really good too. Chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, melons and grapes. I ate almost the entire thing already. Perfect Easter basket for someone who doesn't want candy in the house.

So today we have just laying around. The house is a mess and I need to start picking up. I'm just not feeling well at all. Thats why I've just been laying around today. I don't have the stomach to get up and do chores. Although, I think I'm going to try at least. Don't know how successful that will go.

Hope everyone has a nice and fun Easter. Regardless how you celebrate it