Flip Flop Challenge #7 - xoxo Rebecca

Flip Flop Challenge #7

I caught the very end of the link up and today starts the new week for it so here's another one for you. Did I mention that I was the winner for the last photo edit? How awesome is that? I love that. So now here is this week's photo asked to be edited:

And here is my edit done:

The original photo was beautiful in itself but since it was part of the edit challenge, I took a bit of a stab at it. I didn't crop this time. But I changed up the vibrancy then added a bit of sunset glow to warm up the photo a bit, sharpened it and then smoothed some areas down. Then topped it off with a quote that reads:
No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love. - Edwin H. Chapin

Flip Flop Photo Edit Challenge