eight weeks - xoxo Rebecca

eight weeks

So I am a few days late on posting this one. I normal post when a new week starts for me {which is on Thursdays} however, I am now just getting around to it. Surprise surprise *that was true sarcasm*

So I have made it to week eight. Doesn't seem like anything at all, but to me, it feels like a lifetime. These first weeks {the first trimester to be exact} seems to be going by sooooo slow I can't stand it. I think it's because I still have four more weeks til I have my first doctor's appointment and it's making me go crazy. I can't wait to be able to go and finally have all the ease of any worries I've had.

Things haven't been going the greatest. Instead, it's been pretty bad. Not only does my body hate me right now, but me and the husband just can't seem to get along for anything. Ever since we found out I was pregnant, fight after fight, argument after argument.... the crying, the stress, the everything. I freakin hate arguments and it seems that's all we do. Especially today. I don't know why. It's just not been easy. So this week hasn't been so fun. I don't' usually like talking about relationships. You know, everyone has those good days and those bad days. Just been crazy like that around here for me.

Anyway, so here is a belly pic for week 8 {32 more weeks to go}

Clothes are really starting to become uncomfortable. I hate that all my pants are big yet they are way too tight. That makes no sense but it's true. They are getting super tight around the belly yet some can even fall down off of me. I just need some comfortable maternity pants and I'll be ok. I looked at Target but they didn't have a good section at all. In fact, I was highly disappointed. I think I'll just be shopping at Motherhood Maternity again like I did last time. Wearing my old pants just makes me look like I am really fat with a muffin top hanging all out. Gross.

Anyway, this past week has really taken a dip into the morning sickness pool head on. It has been bad. I seem to throw up everytime I brush my teeth now and then have that "I'm going to throw up" feeling non-stop all day and night. It doesn't go away and that is a horrible feeling to have all the time. I even almost threw up in our meeting at work the other day. It was coming up and I was looking green. Everyone was staring at me like I was a leper.

My friend/co-worker who is also pregnant looked into the Preggie Pops I told her about {yet never tried them myself} for morning sickness and she bought some and said they actually worked. So she gave me one to try. However, at the time, I wasn't feeling sick so it didn't help nor hurt me. Has anyone else felt these were as good as everyone says they are? Years ago I know they were the big thing and I never knew if they were just another gimmick or not.
She's been eating about a box a day and so i was wondering what other people's thoughts were on them if they really thought they were worth it or not. Or just the old cracker thing {which I have been doing}

Sucky thing-remember when i said the pain started to finally go away. Well, it did and then the beginning of the week it came back hard on Monday. I think it was due to the stress at work over a project that I had a tight deadline to meet and everything getting all bunched about it. I started getting pains again and I think it was due to that.

So still, all and all, it has been a miserable pregnancy. I really do envy those who have no symptoms and feel amazing during their pregnancy. I don't see how, but people do and I want it to be like that for me. I can't wait for this trimester to be over with so that I may be feeling a bit normal again. And yes, I'm still getting tired and feeling burnt out after work and just want to lay down and not think about anything at all. My house has been a mess because of that as well. Living with a messy kid, messy husband, I can't win in the fight for a clean house what-so-ever.