♥ For The Love Of Art ♥ - xoxo Rebecca

♥ For The Love Of Art ♥

So I know most of you know I have talked about being an artist and everything but I never post any of my work. Well, I decided to tonight. I’ve been doing more graphic work, but this is some work from school that I had done.

I want you all to know, these were drawn from life. Real models sat in front of me as I drew them. They are 8-12 hour poses where the model stayed in the same pose. These are just a few. I have worked in all mediums such as oils, pastels, watercolor, digital, pen & ink, conte, acrylic, gouache, and many others.

These pieces are done on colored paper with conte crayon and pastel pencil.




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In case you did not know, I am a trained artist. Graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration. I almost minored in photography but did not end up going with a minor.

I am now doing more digital work as a graphic designer and artist at my current job. I love the traditional arts but have made a new found love with digital arts as well.

I have done many self portraits and used to pride myself on my celebrity portraits. However, I have not done one of those in years.

When I paint, I like to paint big. No less then 5 foot paintings hang on the walls. Even though I love drawing and painting all types of subject matters, portraits are my favorite. I think that would explain the many self portraits I have done.