New Layout! What Do You Think? - xoxo Rebecca

New Layout! What Do You Think?

So I was wanting to wait until I had everything finished and organized with my new blog before putting up my new layout I just got done designing and making all by myself (thank you thank you). This is my second time designing my blog layout. I'm happy with the outcome. Although I may make it a bit wider. Not so sure yet. So that it will fit a three column layout.

I haven't made my new blog button yet so I just took down the old one for now and the little "About Me" photo I had up. I just have the blogger default for now until I get a chance to switch up to a new one. The signature is gone and I have made a new one, but for some reason, its not cooperating like it should at the moment so that too is not up. I am not sure if I am going to post a new divider in-between my posts yet like I had before.

So for just some minor tweets, this is pretty much it. I'm pretty satisfied with it. I don't have a header yet either, but I kind of like the simplicity of just the text up at the top without a header. Again, I will see if I can design anything that pleases me.

If you recall my old template used to look like this:

I liked it but it wasn't me. I only chose that because the scrapbook kit I used had all the different elements I could play around with and be creative. It was fun, bright and very coordinated, but I wanted now something that was more of me and my personality. Isn't that what a blog is anyway? So I love this design because its more simple and fresh.

I didn't use a design kit. I made everything on my own in Photoshop and Illustrator. I took a damask pattern and changed the colors to buttercup yellow (which is my favorite color besides pink) and then thought it was a nice pattern but wanted something a little more to it. So I designed the bumble bee and placed it on the edge. I love bees too. So it went well with the design.

So there are still some things left to do, but I just couldn't take waiting to put it up. So far, I think its looking pretty good. A lot less busy, but that's ok. Sometimes, less is more.