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Perfect Pixel Aisle Photo Challenge–LOVE



I chose this photo for the photo challenge of LOVE. I took this photo in January of 2007 of me and my daughter one evening.

She was only 3 months old at the time, but to me, this is one of my favorite photos of us together and I look at it and it screams “LOVE” to me all over the place. It was a special moment between us.

Mommy & daughter bonding time.

New Blogger

I'm so ready for a change to my template. I've had my background and template for about 6 months now and its just not me. I only went with the apples theme as a test on how to create all my own background and templates and icons. But I'm so ready for something else. So I am trying to design something new in the meantime.... but where oh where am I going to even find the time for this? It will be a work in progress but I'm so ready for a new change to this blog.

Edit Me - Week 10

Another round of Edit Me.

Here is the original photo:


Here is my edit:


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My Reflection of Something

That Friday Blog Hop {16}

Wow, its been a few weeks since I was able to sit down and get my blog hop going. I hope you all will still join in. Life has been crazy the past few weeks but I’m ready to jump back into my blog.

This hop is going up a little late but better late then never, right?

Link up your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.....

So just remember to post the button and/or blog about it. That would be awesome. Also, if I can ask people who are wanting me to check out their blog, to leave the link in the comments. A lot of times, I can’t follow people back cause GFC messes up or they have their profile set to private and I can’t see their blog. So its much easier if the link is right there.

Thanx everyone and enjoy your weekend!


Perfect Pixel Aisle Photo Challenge–Colorful

I’m participating in another photo challenge and this challenge is “COLORFUL”. So I found something I think can work for this and it is from DisneyWorld last October for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween. I thought the fireworks in this photo were appropriate for the theme cause they make everything in the photo quite colorful and all lit up.


My Fourth of July

Alright, so I know this is like forever and a half late. I have been meaning to write this sooner but I really wanted to share…so better late then never, right? I wanted to share how I spent my Fourth of July this year because it was the first time in a while we all had a blast as a family just staying home and doing something fun.

So we made Red/White/Blue cupcakes. It was totally fun. Now I hate cooking with a passion. But have a passion for baking. Weird huh? I love to bake and would so love to work in a cake shop. I love baking from scratch but this time around, we went with box mix to make it easier.



baked and donecupcakes baked

decoratingDecorated and Finished

And ta-da! We have Red/White/Blue cupcakes. Natalya loved decorating her own and helping out mommy and daddy mix them all up. She got so excited by them. I think they turned out cute for what they were. And then to top off the evening, Natalya got to do sparklers for the first time in her life. She loved it. A little scared at first but then got so into it and all excited. I was excited for her.


★Shit I Hate Sunday★

Once again, Destiny throws her blog hop our way and asks us to let it all out! And I plan to do that exactly this week.

Shit I Hate....when you are someone's friend but they start acting like you are the backup friend and lie to your face and then ask for advice when the topic they are asking about is false because they aren't telling you the truth. Just just want to act stupid and make up shit in your face to get attention. That's not cool. Regardless if I do not like your decisions, be real with me and I will respect you no matter what. The lying BS has gotta go. I'm too old for HS games now.

Shit I Hate....when people are such a f*ing bad-ass on the internet but you know they are pretty much a pussy in real life. I know I have a hard time standing up for myself or telling it how it is, but I don't get all hard core and try to bully people on the internet because it makes me feel strong. Or how they not only try to start a fight with you, but also they start that crap that they are better then you. In my particular case, this girl (who does not know me one single bit and I have never met her before) comes out and starts calling me a liar. Grow the *beep beep* up and stop acting like you know me or you are better then me with your fat ass. Cause you know you're not. You just get a power trip cause you can't do it in real life.


Shit I Hate....that my husband hasn't been able to get a job. Its so f*ing stressful on the both of us. And we both hate it. I have taken on two full time jobs to try and survive but its still doesn't cut it. I still have to ask my mommy and daddy for money all the time and I hate it. I wish these companies would give him a chance. He's so talented and good and what he does and yet, we get bites and then turned down. Its the main thing we fight about and I hate it. Its gotta get and he really can't wait to get something. Its just been taking forever.

Shit I Hate....the fact I haven't been able to get to bed before 1:30am everyday. It sucks cause then I only get a few hours of sleep and then have to get up and get to work. I feel groggy, exhausted, headaches, and feel like I have to throw up every morning I'm over tired. My body seems to stay up and I hate it.

Shit I Hate....that we can't seem to unpack our crap to find anything we need. I hate having a small apartment with twenty thousand boxes and totes of crap. How did we accumulate all this stuff. And no where to put it at all. So it has sat in boxes for years and years. We never unpack because we move every year so I don't see the point to unpacking if it has to all be packed back up again. I can't wait til we can afford a house. I haven't seen a lot of my stuff since college.

Shit I Hate....the fact that certain people in the work place can get away with everything and if you do one ting wrong or bend the rules a bit, you get completely chewed out. But somehow, you care getting more work done and complete then anyone else and yet you are still the bad guy and the one they beat around first. I hate that shit so much. Makes me wish I could shoot people sometimes.

Shit I Hate....the fact that I reformatted my old computer for my daughter to play with and now I don't have the drivers cd (in a box somewhere) and can't get them loaded to install everything so she can play on it. That was an oopsie on my part. I got Windows re-installed just the damn drivers and when I go online to get them, its not letting me download them for some reason. I'm so hating technology this week. I gotta call my dad and ask him if he can send them to me.

Shit I Hate....that I'm too stressed out of a person. I need to start drinking or something to chill out and be less moody. I let everything get to me and then start going on these frantic attacks and flipping out my anger on everyone (mainly my husband) cause I'm so stressed out. I need a good stress reliever.

Shit I Hate....that I got my electric bill and its $567 for this month. That f*ing bites. I don't' see how or why but I hate that crap. Our air conditioner isn't doing a good job and seems like it isn't new like the apartment management told us when we moved in. Wish I could spew that out of my ass and shit on them their $567. I need to start using my own man made electricity..lol...that'll show them

Anyway, I'm sure I could find so much other BS to bitch and complain about. My husband tells me complaining is what I do best. Not a great quality to have but like I said, I let too many things bother and get to me. And they shouldn't.

If you have anything to bitch and complain about, stop by Destiny's blog by clicking on the button at the beginning to let it all out.

Edit Me - Week 9

Time once again for {Edit Me}. This weeks photo was supplied by Mandy and here is the SOOC shot:


And here is my edit to the photo:

Mandy EDIT1

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★10 Days Of Bullshit:★ Day 10

Did you miss me? I know, I've been away I think for a week and a half or two weeks I think? I've been so super busy, I've only been able to social network (if any) through my phone and not so much the computer.

Been super busy at work and then really busy in the evenings with my freelance job and then of course, trying to be mommy and clean up the freakin crazy messes hubby makes all day at the house. Drives me insane most of the time.

I got a new computer and so I have been able to catch up and play my Sims. The first time in like a year I have gotten on to do that. I forgot how addicting it can be. My daughter won't stop playing it on her laptop (my old one and she's only 4 and highly addicted) I love the Sims. My Sim is pretty much a skank and sleeps with everyone and just has babies by random men. Its hilarious. Then if she pisses me off, I delete all the doors in the room, make her piss all over herself and start the place on fire. That will teach that slut, right? LOL I know, I'm terrible but it amuses me.

Anyway, I haven't been on to finish the final day of Rockin Mama's 10 Day Challenge. Even though I'm super late, I still wanted to finish this one. So the challenge is for the final day to write a letter to yourself at 16 years old. So here is goes:

Dear Rebecca;
Funny being called that huh? Just a year ago you were still having people call you Becky. You're growing up now and think you know it all. In fact, you are one amazing girl. You love school and love to be the teachers pet. Most people can't stand that but thats ok. You like getting good grades and impressing your teachers and classmates with your 45 page essay that was required to only write 2 paragraphs.

A picture of me when I was 16 years old

But you are a good kid. You don't go out and you don't have many friends... its ok. But here is some advice. The main thing I can tell you is..... Stop being afraid of yourself and others. You loose your entire teenage years being so scared of people that you give yourself anxiety attacks constantly and the fact you can't even walk down the hallways at school by yourself is something you really need to face and stop doing to you. You are very beautiful. You may not think it. I know you think you are fat and completely ugly and no one would ever like you. But the truth is, you are so very wrong. You should start gaining confidence because it really takes an effect on you and you loose who you are. Don't be scared to be in public. Its ok.

You are so motivated at 16 to be a pianist and an artist. You work so hard in high school on your artwork. But when you get to college and start becoming more of you and less of who you are afraid of, you loose that and stop trying so hard in school and become more into boys because you never were in HS. Make sure you try and work a lot harder in college. It will pay off even more then you realize. You one day will make everyone around you very proud.

★10 Days Of Bullshit:★ Day 9

★Day 09- If your life was made into a movie what would the title be and who would you cast to play you?

This is a pretty tough question. But I guess if I was just asked without having a whole lot of time to think about it, my response would be:


Where I would cast Renee Zellweger as myself


So back in my college years, everyone told me I looked just like her. Mostly because of the expressions I made when I smiled and my features. So here is a picture from a few years ago and her. You can see the resemblance as we both smile the same way. Scrunch up our faces so our eyes are squinty and our mouths pucker up.


So I figured I would spend a little bit of time time morning catching up on my blog following and what do you know? Google Friend Connect seems to have disappeared from everyone's page. Refreshing and everything else I can think of is not working. I hate when their crap goes down. Not sure what is going on. I thought maybe it was just one blog so i tried a few more and all of them where is says "Followers" have disappeared.
Oh well. I'll just have to try and pick this back up later. Anyone else seem to have this happen to them? It seems to happen to me quiet often on blogger

Edit Me - Week 8


Another round of {Edit Me}. This time the photo is of a stage coach!

Here is the original SOOC photo:

Stagecoach original

Here is the before and after edit:

Stagecoach beforeafter

And my final edit for this challenge:

Stagecoach edit

My Reflection of Something

★10 Days Of Bullshit:★ Day 7 & 8


★Day 07- What is the difference between love and lust?
★Day 08- Has a person of the same sex made a pass at you, and what was your reaction?


★Day 07- What is the difference between love and lust?

The difference between love and lust.

Lust is a state of mind. A real physical attraction followed by uncontrollable urges for another person. Its those crazy scenes in the movies where a girl is thrown up against the wall by a guy and they go completely at it. That attitude is more of a lust. Where it’s an uncontrolable attraction and then nothing more after that. Its raw, dirty, uncut and hardcore! Lust is basically a porno!

Love is an emotion. It’s a feeling that isn’t raw and gritty. Love is a fusion between two people that is bonded. Its not physical. Love can only be something you feel. It can’t be taken away as easily. It hurts, it’s painful, its happiness, its joy. Its being with someone you cannot be without no matter what.


★Day 08- Has a person of the same sex made a pass at you, and what was your reaction?

You know, I’m sure it has happened a few times since I had a very small streak of a wild side when I was 19 hitting up the clubs with my friends. But one in particular encounter I know of wasn’t so long ago. About two years ago.

I started having a suspicion that my friend was trying to hit on my husband {by the way, we had just gotten married a few months before} because she would stay with us and wear sexy lingerie around the house at night and I started not liking it so much.

The next night after one of these occurred where I questioned what really were the intentions, me and my hubby were asleep in our room and she was out in the living room. She came into the bedroom and woke us up to lay in bed with us. A little strange but I didn’t care since she was such a good friend at the time.

The next night, we partied a bit in the house after the baby was asleep. Just the three of us were drinking a bit and out on the balcony and me and her were wearing skimpy stuff. I was trying to be cute and sexy for the hubby. I was drunk yes. She then proceeds to touch my boobs and tell me how big they are and how she loved them. The she grabs my underware and starts spanking my ass and just puts her hands on me. Again, I wasn’t thinking anything was wrong since I was drunk. I was liking the attention and thought it was just a joke and fun.

A few weeks later, we had the biggest fight of our friendship which broke it off and she started to tell me how she wasn’t trying to hit on my hubby. She was in love with me. Yea, it was pretty crazy because she was trying to get me and him to fight to break us up so she could have me. We have not been friends since because she started to become really psycho after that and obsessive.

Day 19 – What Song Makes You Want To Dance?

Who doesn’t like to dance? Alright, well I know one person who doesn’t {my hubby} but other than his weird crazy ass, who doesn’t? Dancing is awesome, even when you are looking like a fool.

So today’s question wants to know what song makes me want to dance.

I can’t think of many that don’t make me wanna dance. I love to dance.

Juvenile - Back That Ass Up

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL2txMU50CI?fs=1&w=425&h=344]

This song has always made me feel up in the club and make me want to dance. I love this song and its a great stripper song...lol Cash Money always had some good songs out back in the day!

Day 18 – What Song Makes You Want To Sing Out Loud?

So, what song makes me want to sing out loud? Thats a little tough because there are so many. But I chose two songs and would have to say:

Willa Ford "I Wanna Be Bad"

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbZEqT9280A?fs=1&w=425&h=344]

I LOVE Willa Ford and actually always went to the karaoke bars and sang this song all the time. I loved it! I love her whole cd actually. Great singer.

And of course, then there's sweet Mandy
Mandy Moore "So Real"

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaVOMcfZL1Y?fs=1&w=425&h=344]

I was a big fan of Mandy when this album came out. I really love all her songs on this album as well. She was so sweet and innocent back then. This takes me back and just makes me want to scream this song

Pink Technology

There isn’t words to describe how awesome today was. Today was the day my brand new PINK computer arrived! My daddy was so awesome and bought it for me. {not my hubby but my daddy daddy..lol} I’m so completely stoked.


My dad is a technology freak. Anything that has to do with computers, I can get him to buy for me. My daddy and mommy love me! They knew it was time for me to upgrade my old laptop. At the time I got it {2005} it was the top of the line and could run so much and hold so much. Now, that’s not the case.

Most days I wanted to throw it out the window because after I installed Windows 7 on there, it did not like it. And I love Windows 7 so I put up with it. It would crash, lock up non-stop on me and I couldn’t play my Sims anymore nor do a lot of my artwork because of the memory issues. The screen was popping off of it. It was time to get a new one.computertwo

So of course, my dad loves buying computer stuff so I looked at what I wanted and I think this new one will be able to hold up all my Adobe Creative Suite programs as well as play all my Sims games and not lock up on me or crash.

So I'm completely 100% absolutely happy right now! I love playing on my new computer and all the awesome features this has to offer. Its so up to date and so many brand new features. I love it. Its my super computer and its all mine!!!!

That Friday Blog Hop {15}

Welcome back to That Friday Blog Hop week 15.
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Day 17 – Post A Song That You Want The World To Hear

So, they say I should post a song that I want the world to hear.

Remember back in the early 90's when an artist known as Snow came onto the scene with his popular "Informer" song? It was Canadian-Jamaican reggae pop.

Well, I still am a fan of his and still love blasting in the car another one of hits from a later album. This song played on the radio often so maybe some of you have heard it.
One person put it best when they said "Waaaaaay before we had Drake an Justin Bieber (whom the Canadian government has apologized for on several occasions) we had Snow!" hahaha that cracks me up. Not a fan of Drake at all and my daughter is obsessed with Bieber

Sexy Girl by Snow
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eavLfdngNWk?fs=1&w=425&h=344]