The Trial That Is Driving Me Crazy - xoxo Rebecca

The Trial That Is Driving Me Crazy

So I don't think there is anyone alive that doesn't know about the Casey Anthony case out there. For some, they just started hearing about it. For me, its been ongoing for over three years now because "lucky me", I live in the same city as she does. So non-stop for almost four years, we have been hearing about this.
I live in Orlando and not all that much far from the Anthony's house. When we lived in Downtown Orlando, we lived even closer. I remember driving by the roads where the family lives and cops, tv reports, protesters, etc....
And now that the trial has started, its over taking life it seems like. You can't watch anything on tv without seeing 24/7 coverage of it.
You can't listen to the radio without them talking about it.
And you can't be at work without someone streaming it on the computer and yelling out every detail every minute about who's on the stand, what evidence they are showing, etc....

Ugh, its not so much fun living in the same town as all this crap. I'm so over hearing about it. I could freaking care less about the trial and her and all the messed up stuff going on in her and her f'd up families head. Just please, everyone... SHUT UP about it! I'm so sick of it and no one gives a flying freak-a-zoid.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I'm so over it and don't care. She's crazy and just throw her ass in jail or something and stop using our money to keep the trial going. But of course, the reality is, I believe this trial will go on for a very very long time. The only thing I'm at all interested in hearing is the verdict in the end. And that's all. Everything else is retarded in this mess

So for those who are not following the case, basically, this girl Casey Anthony, killed her 2 year old daughter but using chloroform, broke her neck, duct taped the girls mouth shut and put a heart sticker on her to show she loves her. Then kept the girls body in her car for days then threw her in a ditch and then reported the little girl missing about a month or so later. Now Casey is 25 years old and has been sexually abused by her dad and now they are saying the father of her baby is her dad. Her brother also abused her as well and for a while, I heard her brother was the father but now they are saying that's not true. And now saying the girl drowned int he pool and then dad told her not to call the cops.
So all the stories keep changing and its been on going non stop. Thats pretty much the story in a nutshell