Wordless Wednesday {05.24.11} - xoxo Rebecca

Wordless Wednesday {05.24.11}


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We just got an Xbox Kinect this weekend and love it. It’s the best thing. The Wii is really lame now compared to this. I don’t see myself ever touching the Wii again now.

So my four year old was testing out the bowling on the sports game and she played all by herself and this was a photo of her score board at the end.

She got a freaking 180. A four year old who hadn’t played before bowled a 180. I was soooo proud. I asked daddy if he helped her at all and he said no. He was doing some work on his computer and wasn’t helping her play. She did it all by herself. So I had to take a photo of this moment.

Now, the reason this makes me completely excited is because I am like pro bowler all the way. I was on a bowling league for almost 10 years and bowling was my life growing up. I own my own balls and shoes and the whole nine yards. That is my sport and I was hella good. Winning awards, trophies, plaques… you name it. Always at bowling tournaments. Loved it. So cool.

Now I feel she is the child prodigy and taking after her mama and now I want to get her right into bowling so she can be as good as I was!!!