Windows Live Writer - xoxo Rebecca

Windows Live Writer

Testing the hype about this. I have been seeing so many people write posts about this so I downloaded it and now trying it out. So far, even though I have made it through one sentence, I do like it because its typing in real time.

I can see everything I am doing actually on my page instead of in the white box blogger always has you go by. Its actually kind of neat and nice to see what you are writing the way it will appear on your blog.

Let’s try a picture now…….


Very cool…. It even allows me to adjust the photo right in the layout as well so there is no guessing when I go to preview if I need to make the photo smaller or not then upload it again.

I wonder too if it will publish with this font or the font defaulted with my blog. If it does publish with this font, I’ll have to see what font I use to make everything uniform again.

Lets try making a link to something…..

Here we go. Everyone must check out my Facebook Page for Mommy to Calm Insanity. Does it work? It was super easy to put this in instead of doing all the crazy html that is involved with everything on the internet.

So I think everyone should try out Windows Live Writer. Looks like you will never lose a post {like what happened with Blogger all last week} and you can still have it post now or set a time to post later. I may start using this for my posts a lot now. Makes it so much easier to see what you are doing.