That Friday Blog Hop {9} - xoxo Rebecca

That Friday Blog Hop {9}

That Friday Blog Hop is now going on. So come by and link up with me and all the other awesome people. I want to thank everyone who has come by my blog and stopped a minute to follow me. I'm trying to catch up on my followers now since the numbers have grown so much. Thank you all!!!!! I love it! I feel like an internet celebrity..LOL


So please send the word out and join my blog hop and tell your friends :) Post and share my button! That would rock!

Also, don't forget about my other blog hop that is going on now as well. It opens Mondays and is a fun photography one. No matter what you talent is in snapping a photo. Check it out by clicking on the button and link up with that one as well:

So the rules apply as any other blog hop. Follow me & then leave a comment so I can follow you back if I'm not already following your fantastic blog! {I always follow back. Just give me some time to catch up and get to you if I hadn't. Cross my heart I will} Have fun, be kind and rewind!
Let's get to hoppin'