It's Official. I lost it - xoxo Rebecca

It's Official. I lost it

So yes, I think its now safe to say that I have officially lost my wedding ring. That really bites. It went missing two months ago and I think while we were packing/moving, it fell off my hand. I was hoping it fell on the floor but we could never find it. Now going through and unpacking our boxes, I'm still not seeing it. I think it fell off somewhere and I'll never see it again. Sucks.

This is what my set looks like

So I only have the engagement part of the ring to wear for now until we get a new one. But the band part of the set is gone. It was a little too big for my finger and so I'm not surprised it managed to slip off but that still sux. Not that I wanted it to. I'm still upset about it.

I guess me and hubby have one to one now since just a couple months after we got married, he lost his moving into the place I lost mine moving out of. Ironic? So we had to get him a new one. Looks like we will have to do the same for me. I loved mine though.
The only good thing I can say is, I am glad I didn't lose the big diamond part of it, just the wedding band. So at least I can still bling-bling my finger around. I'm just glad he didn't completely flip out on me when we couldn't find it.