The End Of The World?-Sorry Crazy People - xoxo Rebecca

The End Of The World?-Sorry Crazy People

I have been laughing the last few days over everyone talking about the end of the world and such. I am not religious nor do I actually believe in religion, God, Heaven, Hell….etc. None of that . So from a few articles, blogs, stories…I had read, all made me laugh. Some people took all this way too extreme.

I read a few cases where people were stocking up on everything in stores as if it were a hurricane coming. But if they believed “God” was going to come save them and take them away, would you really need ten cases of toilet paper shacked up with you?

I’m not sure if people in “heaven” have to take a dump but it sounds like the Pharaohs of Egypt and how they thought when they wanted to be buried with all their personal belongings to take with them to the afterlife. Although, if I were going anywhere “holy”, I don’t think TP would be something on the list to bring with me. But you know, that’s just me.

I also read another story about how a lady took her family into the basement and read the entire bible non-stop trying to become “saved” before the rapture. If I were her kids, I would have been pissed to be missing out on my weekend because my mom thought the world would be zombies and they were waiting for “God”. I hope those kids kicked her ass for being so stupid. Can you tell how annoyed with this whole “The rapture is coming” crap?

I’m so over it. No one turned into a zombie… I don’t think. I haven’t checked everywhere but I went to Target, Walmart and Best Buy and so far, I haven't seen any out and about. Maybe they like to stay indoors during the daylight hours. Who knows… they could be picky.

But just in case, here is instructions in case you come across one. Trying to help everyone out. Information on killing zombies can come to good use one day. Just not today.

So in conclusion, here is a message that pretty much sums up how I feel about all this “world will end / Armageddon” crap:

Wow… that I was finally about to get that all out. LOL ok…goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams and remember to smile if you see a zombie. And if you see anyone who believed in this crap, just blow them away. Its not considered a crime to shoot the stupid. :o) At least it shouldn't be anyway