Day 6 – What Song Do You Play When You’re Angry? - xoxo Rebecca

Day 6 – What Song Do You Play When You’re Angry?

I have been slacking on this music challenge for about a week now. Just been so busy and doing so much, I finally had time to catch up and start it back where I left off. So here we go:

Today is the sixth day of the 30 day music challange. Today's song is the song you play when you are angry. My choice is going to have to be:

LL Cool J's Loungin'


When I'm in a horrible mood and so angry or upset, the only emotion I can do is cry. Thats when people can tell I'm the most upset. But I turn on LL Cool J and I start to feel better. This song particular I tend to blast in the car either to or from work when I'm angry. It seems to get me a bit more grounded and feeling better. Honestly, anything by LL gets me in such a better mood. He does sing for the ladies and so I'm drawn to his voice so much to soothe me.

I have been a crazy fan of his since I was in 8th or 9th grade when I really started listening to him and man, his "Hey Lover" with Boyz II Men, had me a set fan for life! I was so super excited when I got to see him live in concert, taking his shirt off his hot body and throwing water all down his chest while I'm screaming the lyrics to his songs as he sang them to the crowd. That was back in 2005 and it is a concert I will never forget. Ladies Love Cool James and baby, I sure do :)


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