Crazy Prices - xoxo Rebecca

Crazy Prices

My daughter's preschool school photos came in and I got to see them. Every year, since she has been in school {daycare} they have gotten their school photos because she has always gone to an academy instead of a normal daycare child center. And every year, I'm so excited about them but they never turn out right or I'm just not into them.
In the past, they would have been adorable if she hadn't been crying or they didn't fool with her hair. So every year I'm disappointed and never purchase them. I always end of going to JC Penny's and having their photo studio do her photos instead.
Well, this year, they arrived and I glanced at them. My husband got to see them this morning and told me about them. He said that it turned out alright this year. Better then the past and the outfit they had her wear was cute. {They have costumes and settings. This way no one ever forgets to dress up}.
So I see them and she looks really cute. They dressed her up as an Orlando Magic Cheerleader {since we live in Orlando, FL its appropriate} with pom-poms and all. Mind you she is 4 years old so the outfit is totally adorable and tasteful and he face and smile are really cute. Its her personality. I would love to purchase these pictures for our family and friends.
But when I'm handed the sheet with the price on it, I can't believe my eyes...$80 for school pictures. Yea, totally crazy priced. I couldn't believe it. I don't remember my school photos ever being that high. You only get 6 sheets as well in the package. We are already paying $1000 a month for her to go here and so with only me working and supporting the three of us, $80 seems a bit steep to me.
I really like the picture too. She's quite adorable all dressed up with the colored background behind her. Anyone else having their child's school photos a bit on the steep side? I'm not sure if we are wanting to pay that much for them or just let them be and email people just the online proofs. Kinda stinks cause they are so freakin' cute. But we could go back to JC Penny's and get some taken cheaper. Plus, I'm a photographer as well and could take mine own of her. I just don't have all the props and backgrounds like the pros.
What's a parent to do? :0)