Color Splash Sunday 05-01-11 - xoxo Rebecca

Color Splash Sunday 05-01-11

Sunday Snapshot

I've been super busy these last few days I have missed posting everything I normally do. Trying to catch up on my followers as well as my blog posts and music challenge and everything else! I am trying to get through everything to get caught up. My apologies.

So this weekend was the first weekend in years I was able to go out to the pool with my little girl and just be like old times again. Hubby isn't really comfortable with us out by the water so thats why we never go. When I say its been years, I mean literally it has since we have been out by the pool by ourselves. Over two years to be exact. So I took her and we went out for a couple of hours and it was nice. I got a nice start up tan which is great to have some color back on me and I took this picture as we were sitting out trying to dry off a little before heading back inside.

Here is the before photo:

And here is the color splash photo: