What A Freaking Week or Two - xoxo Rebecca

What A Freaking Week or Two

Yes, I have been a little on the "M.I.A." side of things for a little bit lately. That's because we have been moving. Seriously, it has been horrible. This time we decided to hire movers and now we are in a bit of a lawsuit with them. Yea, it was horrible. So trying to get that all situated and so now that they messed up the contract and the job, we have been having to finish the job ourselves.
Its been hard because our friends keep bailing out on us and telling us they'll help, then make excuses. Waiting around for people with broken promises has been sucky. The heavy lifting and the moving has been so hard. We still aren't completely done yet and running out of time. But mostly energy and patience.
We just have way too much stuff. I don't even know how we have all this stuff. Or even what it all is actually. We have had things in boxes since college we haven't been able to unpack at any place we have lived because we have no time and I feel like we are just going to move again so there is no point to unpack. But this time, I want to unpack.
I want to go through our stuff and get rid of all the crap and all the old stuff. Everything. Just seems we have no room for all our crap. We were really hoping to rent a house this time around but we had to go with another apartment. But we love this place. Its very "homey" feel. Its a townhouse but a really nicer one then the last one we lived in. The only downside is that its a bit smaller so trying to fit all these boxes in here is becoming a bit of a challenge.
Its just been irritating and so that's why I have been away. I wish I didn't have to work so I could stay home and organize and get things straightened out. But someone has to work, so I guess that would be me.

I also apologize for the late following on those of you who are following my blog. I will follow you back. I promise. Just taking me a bit longer then normal. I appreciate all the love!

But on a nice note, I have become a co-host this week on Melanie's blog "The McMommy Diaries"
So I was excited to see that. Link up with her and her hop!