Obsess Much? - xoxo Rebecca

Obsess Much?

So my husband told me this weekend that I have a problem with the word "obsess". He says I seem to say it all the time, about everything and take it completely out of context.

Its just one of those things I like to use as my adjective for anything I feel someone is into a lot. Not so much LITERALLY obsessed to a crazy point... but I say it... so what?

I may over use the word, but thats just the word I love to use. I describe everything with "obsess".

Here are some of my examples:

"She loves that movie. She's totally obsessed over it"
"I am obsessed with boy-bands. I can't stop listening to them"

It drives him crazy. He hates that word for some reason. I don't see what the big deal is. But what is a word you tend to over use and not so much the literal sense of it, but its just your word you use? I would like to know what others have as "their word". Go on, share!