Its Been A Long Week - xoxo Rebecca

Its Been A Long Week

Its been a long exhausting week for me. Not only have I been on this letter writing streak, but work and home life have mental and physically worn me out this week as well.
Writing streak, what's that about? You ask....
Well, I had to write a lovely 2 page letter to State Farm about how horrible their service was when I was in an accident by one of their insured people. They said they would pay for the rental car and the damages to the car at no expense to us. To my surprise, State Farm charged me for the rental car and now I decided since I couldn't get any answers of trough to them, a nice letter (and by nice I mean I used the word "dumb-ass" a whole bunch of times and called them StateCrap in my letter as well demanding my money back and how I was so glad I wasn't a paying customer of theirs.
Another letter was written to dispute a bank charge from the movers we hired since they were a poor excuse for a company and didn't even do the job and yet took more than half of what we agreed upon the amount that was owed. And since they told me after calling them about getting a refund for the amount that I was overcharged, their reply was "Well, if you're going to just complain, then don't use us in the future." Damn right we won't be and now I'm taking this matter legal.
So its been a super fun week if you couldn't tell. Plus I've been in such a pissy mood at home with the hubby. And that is never fun. Just not a great vibe to be in or feel.

So, its after midnight, I really need to be asleep and should have been hours ago because I have to get up early for work in the morning. Same routine everyday. This whole week I've stayed up late for all sorts of various reasons. Right now, I'm downloading the new update for the iPhone so this was the perfect time to blog since its takes several minutes to do its thing.

So I haven't been able to write a whole lot this week and hopefully can start writing more and posting them on my new facebook page for my blog. It would be great if people would join up with me on there. Just started that this week so its new and needs lots of love and comments as well.

So since it is now officially Friday, lets post the Friday Blog Hop I started.

Please be kind and follower back if you link up. Also, it would be super rad to promote my blog hop by placing my button somewhere on your page or in a blog hop post. Just to get the word out to others.

Thanx everyone!