Everything is better in 3D - xoxo Rebecca

Everything is better in 3D

Well, thanks to Rooms to Go, we were able to go buy a new 3D TV... very very cool. All we had to pay was tax on it. So what an amazing deal we got. We just got it home and it has the option to watch everything and anything in 3D. Very very cool.

So of course, hubby is all excited and all into it. Not to mention, the tv came with two free 3D glasses which were $140 a piece. So we are so psyched that we got a big 3D tv. It takes up almost the whole wall its against.

Now how can you beat that? It was virtually free! I am happy Rooms to Go was doing this promotion.
We are all a happy bunch right now!

Its so very cool to watch regular tv and any movie even Netflix to the news, to sports, to Disney all in 3D... doesn't matter what it is. Or you can switch back to normal view.