Six Word Saturday - xoxo Rebecca

Six Word Saturday

My six words to describe my Saturday are:


Yes, we are about to start moving next Saturday so in one week and right now, the house looks like a tornado and hurricane mated and produced our living room. I normally spend my entire weekends cleaning and doing laundry because I work 50 hours Monday-Friday and the weekends are my only time to get anything done.
So I just don't feel like it at the moment but need to get up and motivated to. I feel claustrophobic because so much clutter around from moving things to get it all boxed up. I just need to get it all picked up and then feel better.

I hate any kind of messes. They start freaking me out and its mostly my daughters toys thrown everywhere. She trails messes no matter where she goes. I would love it if for one moment, the house could stay in some kind of clean mode for just a little while. Wishful thinking right when you have a child and husband to clean up after all the time :0)