Cheating! - xoxo Rebecca


How far is going too far? What do you consider cheating to be?

Would you start thinking your mate was cheating if you found emails and facebook messages that ask another person when are they going to be able to hookup? Is that cheating?

Or is it considered cheating when you catch them in the act? Finding out they physically acted upon that?

Where do you draw the line and when do you react?

Do you find the messages and keep them to yourself until you physically catch them engaging in the act?

Or do you blow up on them about finding the emails before they have time to act?

What would you do and where do you draw the line?

Do you not care if your mate is telling everyone woman on the internet sexual things and really dirty things because he's not acting upon it, or does that make you feel like dirt and depressed?

Speak up and voice what your opinions are on the whole situation! I would really like to know what everyone thinks about this subject.

And have you cheated or been cheated on?