You Have Snow & I Don't - xoxo Rebecca

You Have Snow & I Don't

Yes, I know....everyone on my facebook page is pissed at me and I love throwing more fuel into the fire. While everyone else I know is snowed in, freezing, and completely miserable, I am living it up in the warm.

This was the reason I moved to Florida after I graduated high school. Living here, we have the air conditioner on right now( yes, two days now blasting). It was been 80 degrees all week and super sunny, no rain, hardly any clouds, and it sux I am stuck at a desk in an office all day instead of at the beach)

My parents and friends live in Missouri where they are getting hit with a blizzard. I'm worried about my mom and dad but they seem to be doing just fine. Just won't be able to open the front door for four days, but they are good.

While I am in a tank top, shorts, flip flops all day long. I'm loving this weather right now! I love the warm sunny days! Yes. I got a lot of F**k you's on oh well. I love them and they love me still. I just get to show the love at the beach while I see their blizzard pictures everywhere.

This is what my weather is like:

Hope you are having a fantabulous GroundHog Day... I know I have been :) Ok, I'll stop being a smart ass right now