Please Don't Do It - xoxo Rebecca

Please Don't Do It


I hope I do not know anyone that is doing this or has done this. Its really stupid and not worth it at all. We were just in a car accident last night because the person who hit us was texting and not paying attention. I can't tell you enough how stupid it is to do this and nothing you have to say is that important that you need to text while behind the wheel.

Everyone is ok. My daughter was shakin up by it. I'm so glad she was in her car seat securly and properly. It was our new car too. The car seems to be ok, we are all ok. But now gotta go through all the insurance crap. I've never been in an accident before and so it scared me so much.

I have SYNC in my car so anyone who calls me while I'm driving, it syncs to the car and you just talk directly through your car with them. Same with texts too. It just reads texts outloud. But texting and driving no matter what...not good.

This 22 year old could have seriously hurt me, my husband or my daughter and I can't think about what we would have done if she was hurt. I would have murdered the guy myself.

So please, save a life and the hassle and wait til you are not driving to text someone. Its not worth it.