New Blog Layout - xoxo Rebecca

New Blog Layout

So I sat here all day and used up what I was supposed to be doing housework with doing this blog layout. What do you think? I designed it all from scratch!
I'm still no where near done.
I am just too tired to work on it anymore tonight and frustrated with it as well. All the research and looking up tutorials have scattered my brain. But I came up with this so far.
I want to then make those cute blog post dividers and other things too. Which that looks like it could be a mess in itself from the tutorial I was reading. I wish I knew someone who could just do this for me. I can supply all the images, I just hate doing the coding for it. Yuck..

Anyway, this is what I have to far. I have to add back a bunch of stuff that got deleted in the process... but all and all, so far I am happy with it. I did everything in Photoshop CS4