Finally Its Happened To Me - xoxo Rebecca

Finally Its Happened To Me

So today is an exciting and totally awesome day! Me and the hubby went out and got iPhones!!!!! I have wanted one for sooo long and have been bouncing off the walls since we went to the store and bought them. We got one for each of us.

Verizon gave me some great deals and totally made it affordable for us by waving fees and everything. The sales guy was awesome!

So I am now the official owner of the iPhone 4....its so super cool. I love the dual camera on it. Totally awesome. My last phone had that too but the dual screen was hard to see on the one side when taking a pic cause the area was so small. Now I have a big screen to do that on. Not to mention the video chat is super cool as well. Just still trying to figure it all out. But I love it and so excited that I can finally say I have one since the whole world seems to, I have just been itching for it for so long.

On a bad note, my little bug has the flu bug so she is so sick. I feel so bad for her. Little kids being sick are heart breaking. She is trying to sleep right now but keeps sitting up to throw up. It makes me want to cry seeing her with the flu. I just got over it and now its on her. Poor little baby bug :(