Cute Teacher's Gift Idea - xoxo Rebecca

Cute Teacher's Gift Idea

I love this craft idea. I wish I could say this is my own but all images and instructions come from Just A Girl. She came up with the cutest gift for a teacher or office mate or anyone you know who is all about their hand sanitizer. Check out her blog too for other cute ideas. Here are her instructions on making this cute and inexpensive gift.

Go out and find the cheapest bottle of hand sanitizer, lotion, or bottled soap that you can find. I was at Target, and I'm pretty sure I could have found something cheaper. I wasn't in the mood to go somewhere else. Hence, the $1.79 hand sanitizer. I like this idea because germs are everywhere when you're a teacher. I keep a keg of this stuff on my desk. Yes, a keg.

The hardest part of this whole elaborate project is getting the stickers off the bottle. When you purchase it, make sure there's nothing printed ONTO the bottle. Everything must be removable. Most are, but just check. The bottle on the right is the "cleaned" product. I simply peel it off. Whatever doesn't come off clean gets some Goo-off or Goo-B-Gone on it. Just wipe the oil off with some Windex or something before you move on.

Now for the easy part. Decorate it. I have tried rub-ons, stickers, small tags, and ribbons. You choose!

The one on the right (below) is the first one I did, and I used soap. I have since come to like the sanitizer option better (plus I like that it's a clear bottle), but you can do whatever you like.

So there you have it. A tutorial AND a teacher's gift idea.

Thank you to Just A Girl for sharing this. I love this idea and now plan on using it myself for my daughters teachers gifts!