Year 2 - xoxo Rebecca

Year 2

Holy smokes! We are about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary on Monday, the 24th. Its been a crazy two years of marriage from great times to bad. But all and all, I still fall in love with him all over again. We have been together since 2001. I was 19 and he was 22. Now we are 28 and 31.

We met my freshman year of college at a Fraternity party. I was in the sorority and my sisters dragged me to this party right outside of campus. The first party of the year and we were going through a tropical storm that morning and all of campus was shut down due to over flooding and a weekend long power outage. It was September 14th. The first party of the school year too.

We had all been there a while and I noticed him outside with a bunch of people and eyed him from across the way. I was a little tipsy and completely shy back then. Now, not so much. But I couldn't go talk to him although I thought I might be able to.

So I asked people around who he was and if he had a girlfriend. My sorority sisters all knew him from classes they had with him and told me his name and as far as they knew, he was single. So I asked one of my sisters bf to go over and ask him if he would come over and talk to me. Because we were all either tipsy or completely wasted, he went over and talked to him for me.

I was so scared he would take one look at me and laugh and say he wasn't coming over to talk to someone as ugly as me. Yup, those were my exact thoughts. But sure enough he started walking my way and I got scared and nervous. So I left the party with him and we walked around and talked, went to his dorm, went to mine, just went everywhere and he ended up calling me back that weekend and the rest is history.

So to celebrate our anniversary, I'm going to share some of my wedding photos that I love so much. We got married January 24, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. The weather was 73 degrees and beautiful and perfect. So here are my memories for all you to see:

Credit to our photographer - BinaryFlips Photography