Phobias - xoxo Rebecca


What is your phobia? I have a few but instead of trying to think of what I'm afraid of, I figured that I would blog about the one I am always around and always thinking about. Sadly, I can't find the actually phobia name for it. I feel like I may be the only person in the world with this fear since I find similar phobias but not quite mine. Anyone who may know, share the knowledge. I'm curious to know what it would be called.

My phobia is driving in the middle lane.

Yup, can't do it. I have this huge fear. I tend to like the left lane the best. But when I have to get into the middle lane, I feel as though I am having an anxiety attack and seem to not be on guard and I feel as though I am swerving back and forth like a crazy person. I just can't breathe and after I get out of that lane, I'm good to go. I avoid the middle lane as much as possible.

So tell me what your phobia is.....